Old School Review: Love Jones

My journey into black cinema has continued and I found another gem. I was watching an interview and Kevin Hart was like this is his favourite. I sat there like “Oh I haven’t watched this one, let me watch it!” So I did. Here is what I thought.

I liked it, I seriously liked this movie.


The love story isn’t polished. It isn’t cliched and all Hollywood. It felt real, it felt like I was watching something that people actually go through. It was messy, there were complications and the characters were very human and it drew me in.

Nina and Darius, what can I say, the story focuses on these two and their friends (although it seems like Nina has only one). They like each other, that much is obvious, but as the film progresses it’s obvious they have trust issues. Whether they had them before or because of what went down through out the movie I don’t know but they have them. I kind of wished they’d just be honest about their feelings. But like I said this film is real. We have all had those moments where we made a situation worse because we were not honest with ourselves and/or with others.

It’s funny because they’re both like “We’re just kicking it” but then they get butt hurt when they see one or the other with another person. Admit it, you’re not just kicking it!  Darius almost does admit it but then he plays it off like he’s joking. You didn’t fool me, I saw you!

In the end I’m glad they pulled it together. I’m glad they have a life and career outside of each other (him with his book and her with her photography) but I like that despite that they still miss and love each other. That was beautiful. They were like magnets, they kept coming back to the same point.

This film also raises a good point about love. Falling in love is easy but staying in love is hard. People seem to think that the battle is over once they’ve found their person but oh nope, the battle has just begun. You have to make that decision every day that this is the person for you. I admire couples who have stayed together for many years and have stayed faithful. It ain’t easy but they’ve managed it. It’s beautiful.

The film was very jazzy, it made me feel like becoming a poet. It was set in my favourite city of Chicago and I just loved the tone and the way it was shot. It really brought art and character to the city.

My favourite quote from the movie:

It ain’t supposed to make sense, love, passion, it is what it is

That is all,

Hasta Luego

Ps: It has a great soundtrack

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