Shakira ft Maluma – Chantaje

I have been obsessed with this song since it came out. It popped up in my suggested like YouTube knew I liked Shakira. This was when only the audio was out.

At first I was like “Will I like it? I’m not sure”. The cover art suggested a chill song or something along those lines.

I guess it is in a way, I do like to just sit and listen to the song but at the same time I move a little bit. The beat just makes you want to move your hips. It doesn’t make you want to do anything crazy but to just dance and to get lost in the music.

Now my Spanish is a working progress. So I asked my friend what Chantaje meant and she was like “blackmail” and I was like “Oh that changes the meaning of the whole song for me”.

Have you ever had that? A song totally change for you when you realised what it meant?

It’s like that time I found out what Flavour was saying in his song Nwa baby all because a friend told me what Ashawo meant.

But anyway it changed the meaning of the song so I looked up the lyrics. It’s interesting and the music video makes more sense now. It’s not a relationship I aspire to have with someone, but I have seen relationships like that exist, so it was fun to see it in song.

If you, like me, are not a native Spanish speaker I suggest you check out the lyrics.

It’s a good song and I’m adding it to my list (“What list!” I hear you ask) My list of course.

That is all,

Hasta Luego!

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