Old School Review: Pretty Woman

So I’ve always wanted to watch this movie since I saw the scene where she sings Prince in the bath. I was like wow that film looks awesome, she likes Prince!

I never got round to it until now.

So what do I think of the movie?

It’s cute, it’s candid and honest about a lot of things, like prostitution and men. Both Vivian and Edward are messed up. Edward is cold and ruthless and doesn’t really let women in his life. Vivian followed a bum of a boyfriend to L.A. and then was too ashamed to go home.

It’s weird how he fell in love with her. They literally just meet and it happens. Would it have happened if it had been Kit who picked him up?

I kind of thought he just wanted a woman who he could control. Someone who would be in it for the money, where no emotions would be involved; hence the no-kiss-on-the-lips thing worked out perfectly for him. Until it didn’t, that scene by the piano, he wanted to kiss her on the lips but she didn’t let him. Was he sad because he wanted her or because she had the upper hand? She was his arm candy for the week and yet she gets offended when he tells his sleezy lawyer she’s a hooker. I don’t know what she thought their relationship was.

I don’t know, it didn’t flow for me. I know a lot of people love this film and if I had watched it years ago then maybe I would too but I didn’t and I don’t. It doesn’t scream love to me.

I do however like that she stood up for herself. She’s self aware and doesn’t let him treat her like a prostitute. I mean at the end, when he’s like our relationship doesn’t have to end. He was going to treat her like he treated every other woman, except his mother, in his life and Vivian was like no, “If I ain’t getting paid and you want a relationship do it properly, don’t treat me like that”. I liked that she did that.

There are some movies that I wish we could revisit and see what happened after the ending, after the happily ever after. Would their relationship have worked in the long run? I know he turned over a new leaf but I don’t know…

Yeah so if anyone wants to make that movie, go ahead, I’m curious.

In the end I give it a 3 out of 5.

That is all,


Ps: I love the cameos by people who are famous now. It was so cool seeing them and being ah! You’re so famous now!

Also the shopping scenes ruled, that’s one point in Edward’s favour. He stood up for her yay! Why were they snobby? She had money and they lost a customer… that was stupid.

Oh and the hotel staff, I loved how they got invested in the whole ‘love’ story.

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