The delight of Bonnie and Enzo

Okay so I took a long break from Vampire Diaries because I was mad about what happened to Elena. Y’all can hate on her all you want but I liked her and she was good for Damon. Also people were mad at her for dumb reasons. She reacted to pretty shitty situations remarkably well. The only time she broke was when Damon ‘died’ and that’s saying something. I don’t know how she didn’t lose her mind earlier.

But this is not about Elena, this is about Bonnie.

When my friend told me about season 7 I was like meh.Then he told me Bonnie is with Enzo and I was like “Why? That makes no sense” and he was like I don’t know I have to keep watching it to find out because they keep flashing backwards and forwards.

I then lost interest.

Then recently I was surfing YouTube and I came across a whole load of Enzo and Bonnie clips. I can’t believe it, it actually works! Not only does it work it’s freaking adorable! Bonnie is happy and Enzo is standing up for her, fighting for her. She’s being loved the way she deserves to be loved and Enzo is being loved the way he’s always wanted.

I never thought I’d say this but I think it’s meant to be.

I also never thought I’d say this but I think they’re better than Damon and Elena. As a hardcore Delena shipper me saying that means something.

I’m just so sick of the dysfunctional Delena drama. I loved how much they loved each other and I just wanted Damon to be happy (I still do) but Enzo and Bonnie are a diamond in the rough. I’m so glad the showrunners went with this!

If they ruin this relationship in the last season… no, don’t do that to Bon Bon. She has gone through so much crap, she deserves a happy ending. Both her and Damon do.

But like I said this is about Bonnie so I’ll stop talking about Damon.

Right now I’m catching up with season 7 because I want to see how it happened, the journey and everything. It’s making me so happy watching it. I relate with Enzo so much and it makes me happy to see him get happiness in the arms of Bonnie.

I hope they’re endgame.

Anyway, I’ll stop fangirling and I’ll carry on with season 7. Just when I thought I was done Bonenzo (or is it Benzo) pulled me back in.

See ya

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