Hidden Gem: Frances – Don’t Worry About Me

When I say I cried.

It’s such a selfless song. It’s like she’s putting someone before herself, helping them and supporting them. Even though it’s just a song I find myself thinking “Don’t worry about you? Now I kind of am worrying about you. If you’re looking after me who’s looking after you?” There are a lot of people who can relate to this song. They’re always helping but they forget to help themselves. At least that’s my interpretation.

The music video didn’t help my tears. I find older people love so beautiful, especially if they’ve been together since youth. The loyalty and dedication to stay with someone for 60 plus years, it’s a lot. When I look at them I see pure love. So it makes me sad when one is sick and the other is helpless.

It’s such a peaceful song and it hits you right in the feels as soon as it starts. The acapella, the honest and pure sound catches you off guard. It forces you to stop and listen to the words. Her voice carries you and takes you to this emotional place.

Then music is added, a simple piano and harmony. That adds to the song, building it up without losing the haunting beauty.

I discovered it whilst watching Vampire Diaries. I was catching up with season 7 and as you know I love Enzo and Bonnie. This song is the background to their first kiss. I liked the song so I checked it out and man..! It hit me right in the feels.

It really made me stop, think and feel.

If you’re already in a mopey mood then perhaps this is not the song for you but if you’re looking for soothing soul music, yes this is the one.

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