The Seasons of Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls is back. Out of all the shows to be revived I never thought Gilmore Girls would be one of them. But it is!

I was a little apprehensive because like sequels, it can either be a success or a failure. It can bring something new and amazing to a show or it can ruin it and tarnish the memory of a perfectly good show.

So how did Gilmore Girls do in my eyes? Let’s dive in and see shall we…

Episode 1 – Winter

First of all poor Paul, they literally forgot that guy. That was kind of cruel. Not just of Rory but Luke and Lorelai. They spent meaningful time with him and forgot him. If I was Paul I’d take the hint and leave. Who wants to be in a family that forgets you, not me.

But why was he so forgettable? He didn’t seem boring, he was sweet and all… hmm… a mystery.

The pop culture references were off the chart. Just a few that I listed are the Kardasians, Marvel, man buns, WiFi, Twitter and tweeting, Neil Patrick Harris… it’s like they were making up for lost time and referencing as much pop culture as they could in one episode. It got kind of annoying. I get it, you’re in our time. You don’t need to remind us every five seconds.

Then again I’m being picky. It wasn’t that serious.

Another thing that’s back in this series is the fast talking. Do they train the actors to speak that fast? Somehow I feel like they’ve slowed down. Is that possible?

Other stops on my nostalgic tour: Taylor, he’s annoying and I love him! He hasn’t changed one bit and that made me happy, especially when he shouted at the WiFi hoggers. Paris is the bomb, she’s still a boss and still Rory’s friend…? Hm. Lane’s band still exists, it’s weird seeing them grown up. Some haven’t changed… others have. I felt old in that moment.

The highlight of this episode for me was the fact that Luke and Lorelai were together and living together… they’re together! I’m sorry. I love them. I was so mad when she married Christopher and now she’s finally with Luke, they have a life together. For this reason alone, I’m glad the show’s back.

Episode 2 – Spring

So Lorelai’s inn is facing trouble and Michel is going to leave. Why would you do that? Why would they do that? He’s bring me joy with his sarcastic humour and how he’s 100% real 100% of the time.

It was kind of scary watching this episode. Life is supposed to be better in the 30’s but here is Rory in crisis. I was relating to her on a spiritual level until I realised “OMD I’m in my 20’s”. I’m sorry but my 30’s are going to be lit, let my Rory esque problems happen now.  Like Lorelai said we all have our moments.

Funniest moment of the episode? Slept with a Wookie! That tickled me. I felt like making so many jokes as Lorelai was doing. Who wouldn’t? Did he keep the suit on? No I won’t dive in with my questions… let’s move on.

How does she afford going to London all the time? Why is Logan still here? I might be upsetting some LoganxRory shippers but I don’t care. I really didn’t like Logan and I still don’t. Why is Rory a side chick?

No. Just no!

Candy Says, urgh. That’s all I’m going to say.

Episode 3 – Summer

Don’t judge me but it was at this moment that I realised the episodes were based on seasons. I don’t know what happened to my attention to detail.

The best part of this episode? Jess came back. Jess! And he’s buff and manly and sexy. I don’t know how she resists him. My girl, open your eyes! And he gave her the most amazing idea, to write a book. It’s so cute and so right for Rory. I personally love their mother and daughter relationship, it’s unique and there are many things she could write about. Thanks Jess.

The secret bar is elaborate, they go through all that trouble… can no one bypass Taylor? No one? Okay.

Saving the gazette, she becomes the editor. This also seemed right. It’s about time Rory.

The play was weird but I got pulled in. I wanted to skip but somehow I couldn’t, I ended up watching the whole thing. I didn’t see Lorelai’s complaints. The play is as weird as the town, roll with it.

Luke and Lorelai kept out of each others lives. I thought this was weird from the moment April arrived and he wouldn’t let Lorelai help. Yep, I saw that ticking time bomb. I guess their relationship is not as rosy as it seems but I so want it to be!

To be honest I saw that fight coming a mile away, the one between Lorelai and Rory. When you start writing a book about real people and real life events ish gets complicated. People get offended by how you write events, how you portray them. Yeah I prefer fiction but I think Rory would do it in a tasteful fashion. Not in a The Best Man fashion.

Watching the fight made me see Lorelai in a new light. The dynamic of their relationship has changed now that Rory is in her 30’s. I’m also over her problems with Emily. Emily has gone through a lot, and they lost Richard. Why are they still fighting? Even if you are mad at your mom, you’re not going to check up on her? I don’t know, it was sketchy.

Episode 4 – Fall

Last but not least, fall or as we say over here Autumn. This also happens to be the season we’re in now, or were in, winter is coming *shiver*. Coincidence? I think not.

So Lorelai is gone on a Wild adventure (see what I did there? Eh?) and Luke is panicking because he thinks this is the end (and delicious Jess appears numerous times in this episode, yes!).

It was cute seeing Lorelai in a world outside of Stars Hallow. Also did anyone else see the Parenthood reunion? Adam and that teacher dude…? I’m kind of disappointed. I wanted her to go on an actual adventure not almost go on one. However it did lead her to make the right decision about Luke *ultra happy sigh*.

For a moment I thought Rory was having Twin Peak esque dreams and I was worried, because Twin Peaks was… something. But it was not a dream, thank goodness. Now I know I said I don’t like Logan, and I don’t, but I can’t lie, he is fun. A tango club? I want to go! And his friends? Robert and Finn (Finn is hot) and … Colin who ruined the tango club.


Then the scene that I had been waiting for and that I alluded to earlier with my *ultra happy sigh* Luke is happy!  It warmed my heart hearing him say  “I will never leave!” “I need you”. To think that he was that crazy about the thought of losing her. I’m not going to say I teared up… but I may have.

And their wedding, it was so cute and magical. It gave me Alice in the Wonderland vibes. I’m surprised by Lorelai’s great taste… or wait was it Kirk? Because he said he messed everything up. If by messed up he meant ‘made it better’ then yeah he messed up.

I liked that they had a private ceremony before the big day but without Jess? … my bias is showing.

And without Emily? Ah Emily, the whaling scene sort of traumatised me but it was good to see Emily passionate about something and happy, in her element. She’s moving on and that’s good.

Rory made a huge step, she cut Logan out of her life *claps**happy dance*. She don’t need to be a side chick! She also didn’t take his offer and instead wrote her book at Richard’s desk. Rory knows where it’s at. Finalmente!

Although we may not be going back there anymore as Emily sold it. She makes a point of saying it’s no longer a home but just a house. She has a point, who would want to live in that big empty house that you shared for 50 years but now that person is gone? Not me and certainly not Emily.

Honourable mentions:


Dean!! I loved his cameo.

Sookie!! I didn’t actually think they’d include her but they did. Yay!

Last but not least the bombshell… why! WHY!

So what do I think of the revival? It was good, it didn’t suck or ruin the memory of the show. I was happy seeing everyone again and getting involved with the town again. It was cute. It also left me wanting more which I suppose is a good thing. So Miss Amy thank you, and please resolve this bombshell.

That is all.

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