Old School Review: Love and Other Drugs

I forgot that this film had high levels of nudity. Okay, not high, maybe Titanic levels. Except in this one they get it on more than Jack and Rose did.

It was a cute love story. I had always wanted to see it but the nudity had put me off back then, now I don’t care as much and it was tastefully done. The story flowed well and there was a point to it, it wasn’t just nudity for the sake of nudity.

Maggie and Jamie’s love story is cute. She had given up really. Her Parkinson’s disease had taken away her craft and it had taken away her relationship (although that guy before Jamie did not deserve her) and she just wanted an emotionless thing. To be honest watching the film that didn’t make me mad. I understood her point, why go through all that heartache? She didn’t need that! She has Parkinson’s to deal with, just let her have some fun and then leave.

Then there’s Jamie. His character grew on me because in the beginning I just thought he was a dick. It wasn’t until the scene where Maggie asked him to tell her something good about himself or something he excels at and he struggled that I began to understand him. He really didn’t see himself well. He was smart, kind and he had love in him but he didn’t see that.

3/4’s of the way through the movie they had won me over, much like Jamie won Maggie over, and I was rooting for them but also scared something awful was going to happen.

And it did, that dude at the seminar. I get it you’re disillusioned but dang! That was harsh. I’m mad for his wife. (But it did highlight the difficulties of living with Parkinson’s).

I like love stories that are real and that could happen in the real world. This one had elements of rom com cliches but at the end of the day it was real and raw. They showed the ugly side of love as well as the rosey parts.

At the end when he finds her and that speech he gives her. It melted me. If it had ended any other way it would have been a crime. It was obvious that he loved her from the moment he couldn’t get it up. If you’ve watched the movie you’ll understand.

I give it a four out of five.

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