Old School Review: Say Anything & Flashdance

Okay, I do love my 80’s films. My favourites being The Breakfast Club and Some Kind of Wonderful, oh and Footloose!

I thought Say Anything and Flashdance were going to be just as amazing as the other 80’s films that I love but I was wrong.

First Say Anything.

Now it was okay, I liked how he was serious about one girl. He wanted her and he wasn’t afraid to express his feelings. He had mostly girl friends but even with his guy “friends” he was the same. I guess this could be an example of lust at first sight turning into love (because I don’t believe in love at first sight).

I also liked the progression of Diane’s and her father’s relationship. That was a plot twist I wasn’t expecting. He stole money from the elderly because he felt they owed him something. That was sad. I hate it when older people are taken advantage of. One day we will all be old, would we like people to treat us that way too? It was sad that he lied and that their relationship broke down.But it was real and perhaps the most real part of the film for me.

I liked watching them become a couple, Lloyd and Diane, but I just didn’t understand the ending and it kind of ruined the whole film for me. For one, how can he afford to just follow her to London? Where is he getting the money from? And he decides to give up on his dreams and to just follow her around… like a puppy? I know the 20’s are hard and knowing the next step can be difficult but really your plan to just #supportDiane?

I know women have been doing that for the longest time and it’s interesting to see a man make that same decision. However I’d say the same thing to the man that I would the woman. It’s all well and good to support your partner but have your own dreams. He could have started a kick boxing school… he could have had his own place of fighting (in karate it’s a dojo but what is it in kick boxing? A ring?). I don’t know, the ending disappointed me.

Onto Flashdance.

It was boring. The story didn’t connect well, it felt random at times and I just couldn’t relate. I gym, but who looks that good going to the gym? Are you even lifting anything? Are you putting in the work? And Alex… wait we need a new paragraph to talk about her.

For one she was 18 and going out with a 30 something guy… Okay so love doesn’t have an age but dude there’s still a generational gap. In some couples it works but in Flashdance it didn’t. She was so immature. And the whole thing when she storms out his car in the middle of a tunnel and walks in the middle of the road… what was she thinking? And I have never understood why women feel the need to hit their guys for no reason. What’s the point in that?

On the other hand she stood up for her friends and never seemed to be afraid, apart from when she was pursuing her own dreams but I get that.

I thought the film would be more moving. I thought there’d be a journey and that she’d connect with the lady from the ballet place as in the famous ‘What a feeling’ dance scene she’s all happy for Alex. But they have no relationship.

To be honest the only thing I really enjoyed was the flash dancing. They were really good and the choreography was on point. I’m glad there are actresses and actors who dance and act now because it looks much better than the awkward cutting done in Flashdance between Jennifer Beals and Marine Jahan who did most of the dancing.

All in all they had potential but just failed in the end for me.

Two out of five.

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