Hidden Gem: In Awe of You

This song is so beautiful. As a choir this is one of my favourite songs to sing.

It’s so simple but when you stop and think about God that is exactly what you feel “awe”.

‘Oh Lord you are my King and I’m in awe of You

The reason why I sing and I’m in awe of You

There’s none like You in all the Earth…’

I am awed that God has brought me this far. He has looked after me, my family and my friends. He has provided for us and even when times are tough there are blessings to be found.

In terms of the world I can see God helping and showing love. The Devil tries but in the end God prevails and I see that in everything. The more science I learn, the more people I meet the more I realise that God is there and is watching over us.

I’m in awe of how He listens to me. He hears me when no one else does. It’s humbling and it’s heart warming.

‘I worship, and adore You

I am in awe of you oh God

I praise, and exalt You

I am in awe of you oh God’

Sometimes I feel like I’m not doing enough to show him how grateful I am. Singing is my praise and worship but so is prayer. Just going on your knees and saying “Thank you” I feel that means something. I feel that it means a lot.  I feel like I’m talking to Him when I pray so being able to sincerely say thank you daily… there are no words. I’m glad I can do that.

How do you praise? How are you in awe?

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