Losing Control

I was watching Steroline scenes from Vampire Diaries. I had missed the season 6 finale and I don’t intend to watch it properly because it depresses me that Alaric never catches a break. Anyway I was watching a Stefan and Caroline scene and what Stefan said made me think.

He was like: (paraphrasing) “You don’t like feeling this way because you’re a control freak who’s losing control. It’s scary to lose control but that’s what falling in love is.”

I heard him say that and I was like “OMD Stefan you have just figured out my life!”

Okay, hold your horses, I’m not always falling in love! It has only almost happened once. But once was enough for me. When I say it was the most stressful experience of my life… hm.

At first, when everything is going well, you’re like this is fun! But when it all starts to crumble and he doesn’t like you back… it hurts and it’s awful and I completely understand why Caroline turned her humanity off.

Falling in love is the hardest thing we do as humans. I love Gigi from He’s Just Not That Into You because even after getting rejected she gets back up and tries again. If anyone is brave in this world it’s people like her. They don’t put their bodies on the line but their hearts and somehow that’s worse.

I encourage you not to be like me but to be like Gigi. When you find yourself falling don’t resist, fall! Unless the guy/girl is a dingbat and really not for you then resist, resist!

However when you find that person it feels right with, don’t let that slip away because you’re afraid to lose control, you may miss out on something amazing.

On the other hand losing control tends to make people like me and Caroline go crazy. I’m not like Caroline but I guess I do like to keep control over my emotions. You really can’t do that when falling. So because it makes me crazy I am going to resist. Henceforth I kind of feel like a hypocrite for encouraging you.

But I don’t want people to be like me. I recognise my faults and my flaws, I don’t want them to be yours.

That is all,

byeee 😉

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