Work Chronicles: Part One

I love meeting new people and that’s one of the reasons I wanted to be a journalist. I love learning about people’s lives and being surprised by the things they tell me. This may be one of the reasons I love to travel as well.

So before Christmas I was working, waitressing at those work Christmas dinners *rolls eyes*. If I ever become successful and go to a work Christmas dinner as a guest I shall look back at these memories with an ironic smile.

Anyway I got talking to one of the guys who was also working the event. At first I thought he was younger than me but then I found out he had majored in Theology and was looking for a job.

This was when we started to talk and I saw a whole new side of him. He was so cool. He wanted to travel and to do good in different countries. He was also interested in preaching.

If I hadn’t had talked to him I would never have known that about him.

I don’t like waitressing but I like getting to know my co workers.

Cool moment number two!

Working at the football ground I met another interesting person. When our shift was ending he was like “where are you from?” And I was like okay here we go again. I thought it was going to be one of those “OMD Rwandese women are so hot” conversations. But no he was like “You’re from Rwanda right? That’s so cool I love that country!”

Exactly he loved my country. He actually wants to live there and visit and all that. I have never met someone who loves my country in that way who wasn’t from Rwanda.

He really made my day. He was also pretty cool to talk to.

So moral of the story, talk to people, you may find out something interesting.

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