Gym Update

My fitness journey continues and my body has actually changed!

I used to think cardio burned fat but having done weight training I’ve realised that it burns more fat than cardio. At least it does for me. See I’m slim but I wanted to gain muscle to get stronger, so since September I’ve changed my regime to less reps and higher weights. I didn’t do much cardio as I kept forgetting to swim and I was slim anyway so I was like I’ll do it in the summer. However I still found myself losing weight and I didn’t get it. Then I realised, oh, weight training does burn fat. So I’ve been losing fat as I’ve been gaining muscle.

My legs feel solid and I can actually see definition in my arms. Even my stomach is getting more toned (that may have been from the crunch challenge though… try it, it’s a killer).

So yeah it actually works! I have actually gotten stronger and I don’t look super bulky or anything. The muscle I have gained fits my body, the only way I’d end up hulky is if I used steroids (which I don’t). So for those women worried about weight training because they don’t want to get bigger, don’t worry our bodies won’t let that happen. We don’t have enough testosterone.

I have also reached my target on three machines. It feels really good to see myself actually getting stronger and looking fitter and better.

That is all

Tah Rah!

Ps: Sorry I don’t have pictures to show you just yet… I’ve been negligent in that area :/

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