The Importance of Gym Buddies

You know when you’re feeling unmotivated and you just want to lie in and do nothing instead of going to the gym?

Never fear, your gym buddy is here!

Or would be there if you had a gym buddy.

Gym buddies are so useful, they motivate you and give you a reason to go the gym. When it’s just me and myself I sometimes lack motivation but then my friend messages me and is like “Are you here? I’m leaving home now!” and then suddenly I jump into action because someone is waiting or someone expects to see me.

Even when they don’t go to the gym with me they still motivate me. I become accountable to someone. My friend will ask me what I did at the gym when she wasn’t there or she’ll encourage me to push/challenge myself. It’s like having a one woman support system.

It’s also fun and you get to grow together. I share my achievements with her and she shares them with me. She gets how hard I’ve worked and so she’s excited and she’ll celebrate with me. And of course I do the same for her.

Also you can chat in between workouts. It makes the workout fun and less of a chore.

So yeah, I encourage you to get a gym buddy, someone who has goals and who wants to get fitter. Beware of people who are just in it for the hell of it, who don’t really want to be there as they may drag you down. Find someone who does like exercise or has the same mindset as you, then you can help each other better as you know where the two of you want to be.

That is all,


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