One Piece: Finally Caught Up

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spoilers exist within this post

I have been behind with One Piece for years!


People would ask me where I was in One Piece and I wouldn’t want to tell them because I was embarrassingly behind.

It’s no fun being unemployed however I was like “This is my chance!” I can catch up on 600 chapters!… Or 500 but anyway it was a lot of chapters. However I managed it. It didn’t even take long. Okay it took around 3 months but it didn’t feel long. I was so into it and I didn’t want to stop reading.

Reading through Enies Loby, Thriller Bark and then Ace πŸ˜₯ and then the time skip and Fishman Island, and Punk Hazard and then the longest arc EVER Dressrosa. It was long but the story was rich.

Sidebar: How twisted was Doflamingo? Everyone’s like it’s because he was tortured by the people. Dude he was saying twisted ish before that happened. And Rosinante went through the same thing and he came out beautiful… ah Rosinante πŸ˜₯

However when I was finished and coming up to Sanji’s arc I was like “Oh no I’m catching up!”

You may be thinking, “Good, catch up!” but you guys do you know how annoying it is to be caught up? You have to wait for chapters… cliff hangers! I’m not used to the waiting. I’m fully caught up and I’m sad. I have to wait now to find out the rest of the story. *sigh* It’s a hard life.

My thoughts on this current arc: It was a surprise. I never would have guessed Sanji had this kind of a childhood. It made me so mad! I really wanted him to wipe the floor with his dad. He was so annoying. You want your children to be machines? Monsters? I feel sorry for his mom. Although when Sanji’s brothers were introduced I did laugh. Yonji… get it? Then I was like what are the other two called Ichiji and Niji? (They are). But Sanji has been through a lot. He has a crappy father and is punished because he’s kind and human. He almost starves to death but finds a new father figure in Red Leg Zeff. He’s had a life.

So many things about Sanji’s character make sense now. I’m starting to wonder if other members of the crew have huge surprises. Brooke I know he does, he’s definitely lived. And Zoro… I’m watching you.

I hope after this arc Sanji isn’t so gullible to women. I get it he’s a gentleman but come on. If she’s creepy kick her to the curb and man was Β that chick creepy. It angers me that she was going to take advantage of his kindness. Girl fix your life.

Also how will Big Mom be defeated? I don’t like enemies that take years off your life. Fool give them back who said you could age me?

I wish there was more dialogue from female One Piece fans. I only see male comments everywhere and I can’t relate to half the stuff they say because it gets way too sexual real fast. I get it they’re well drawn but can we talk about the manga/anime? Or they’ll be hating on Nami. It gets long pretty quick.

So any female fans out there?

Oda has done a great job, the length of One Piece makes sense. I feel like we’re getting closer to some answers and it’s exciting but I don’t know. I’ll wait and see. I hope he gets to tell the story his way until the end.

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