Gym Chronicles: Things I’ve Noticed

Lately I’ve written a lot about the gym. I had a lot to say so I decided to split it into three posts. This is the third post πŸ˜€ You’ve made it! To the end!

Anyway there are some things I’ve noticed having been going to the gym for a while now.

This may be an obvious question but why do guys only focus on the upper body? I see guys at the gym and they have great arms, biceps, triceps, whatever you name it! Their muscles are defined and big. They can lift weights that make my eyes water. But then I look at them and realise their core is lacking or their lower body is neglected. If you only want to be strong in your arms then fine, ignore me, do you. But if you’re aiming to be fit overall why not show the love to other parts of your body?

Guys will always boast about their guns and all that but you know a guy with great legs is also sexy. There is more to your body than just your arms. When the whole body is in sync and the love is shown everywhere you look fitter, healthier and pure awesome.

And ladies, hey, how you doing?

It’s fun for me to see women at the gym. I feel like I’m their personal cheerleader. I get excited when I notice they’ve increased their weight or when I see them bench press more than a guy. Yes, I am that person. There is this one lady who has been going to the gym since I started and the way she’s progressed has been amazing. She is mad strong and honestly she’s goals.

However she is the exception. It seems women only want to do cardio, so the treadmill and such. But then I hear women saying they want to get strong etc etc and I’m like “Then try lifting weights, do weight training”. But they don’t want to get big ugly man muscles. Guurl you ain’t got enough testosterone for that! The muscles you will get will be right for your body and make you toned and sexy.

I’m a slim woman and I pretty much only do weight training and I haven’t become big and bulky, I’ve become toned and lean.

So I encourage you ladies, don’t be afraid, try it out and you may surprise yourselves.

That is all I wanted to say,


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