Moana: The Soundtrack

The soundtrack has been giving me life of late.

There were many songs I liked in the movie but two (or three) stuck with me.

We Know the Way

Know Who You Are

The first highlighted a pinnacle moment in the movie. Moana found out who she was and who her people were. They were voyagers.

Sometimes knowing where you came from helps you know where you need to be. I felt that was true for Moana. Her people led her and helped her conquer her fear of going out to sea.

I felt it wasn’t just Moana learning through the song but us too. There is much that I don’t know about Polynesian history so knowing just a bit was cool for me. I got to see part of their history and I must say it’s beautiful. I do hope there’s a Moana 2 and that they incorporate more history as I’d love to learn more and to see it represented.

I also like the song itself because of its style, the mixture of Polynesia and the West.

Know Who You Are marked another pinnacle moment in the movie. We finally realised who Ta Ka was and Moana decided to meet her halfway. It was a scary moment, I was like “Moana are you sure?” I thought she’d get hurt. But the song started and it was so peaceful , smooth, just beautiful. The words really rang true, not just for Moana and Te Fiti but also for me.

I definitely want to download this song (from iTunes) and just listen to it endlessly.

That is all,

You should definitely check out the soundtrack.There are many hidden gems.

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