Date with Yourself

Recently I got to spend time alone.

However it was different from before as I was doing something that I liked, and I was talking to a friend via WhatsApp and I was comfortable downstairs. We have these sofas that recline. I called them old people chairs but hey they’re comfortable.

I also had some snacks.

This all sounds pretty simple and it was but for the first time in a while I spent time with myself and I enjoyed it. I was content. As I realised that it got me thinking. Maybe this is what I needed. Time to myself, to have food, entertainment, conversation (with my friend) and a good time. A date. With myself.

I wanted to share that with you. Maybe you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed or you just need you time, have a date with yourself!

There are many ways to date yourself.

  1. You can treat yourself to your favourite food.
  2. You can have a bath, a spa day! If you’re broke you can have a nice relaxing bath with bubbles and the like. If you’re not broke you can invest in Lush bathbombs or whatever sweet smelling concoctions they have.
  3. If you’re broke you could go to the park and enjoy time in nature.
  4. You could take a trip somewhere close by, discover your town or your state or your city through a tourists eyes.
  5. You could have a movie day and watch all your favourites.
  6. You could have a YouTube day and have a date with your favourite subscriptions.
  7. You could spend the day disconnected rediscovering your hobbies.
  8. Learn a new skill, it could be anything and the internet exists so you don’t have to have money to learn.
  9. You could spend some time with a good book.
  10. You could exercise by jogging, dancing or weight lifting, whatever brings you joy.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. It’s important to look out for others but it’s also important to look after yourself and to make sure that you’re okay. So don’t forget about you.

That is all,

’till next time!

Ps: Another option for those who believe in God is to spend time with Him. He’s always there so if you need someone to talk to all you need to do is pray. You can find Him anywhere and He’ll always answer.

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