Bleach: The Bromance Edition

Spoilers Ahead


Yumichika and Ikkaku

Loyal and crazy and where one is the other is not far behind. They’re both squad 11 and have no intention of leaving. They’re crazy! But I love it.

They stand up for each other against all odds and are quick to cut anyone down who hurts the other. It must come from being bros for so long. I’ll talk more about their craziness in another post.

Hisagi and Izuru

These two are another obvious choice. When you think Bleach bromance I’m sure they come to mind. They don’t get as much screen time as the others and yet they’re one of the most loved pairs. I’ve even seen fanart where they’re shipped together.

They’re good friends and like Ikkaku and Yumichika they’ll cut anyone down who hurts the other. Their skits in the Shinigami Picture Book were so funny! They grew up together so they have the potential to be another Ukitake and Shunsui.

Komamura and Tosen

It’s cute but would Komamura be offended? You can find this pic here:

He sensed the darkness in Tosen and he wanted to give him a reason to live. Komamura is such a pure, beautiful character and he had a genuine friendship with Tosen. It’s unfortunate he wasn’t able to reach him until his death. That was traumatic, just as Tosen was having hope he was killed.

Komamura was a good friend to him right up until his death, even when Tosen was being a dick Komamura was like “It’s cool I still love you! I will beat this nastiness out of you!”. Ah friendship.

Next is:

Komamura and Iba


Not all captains and lieutenants are friends but these guys were.

Iba and Komamura were both honour bound and passionate people. They stood for justice and were pure of heart. They got along splendidly and you can’t really help but like them. I wonder what happened to Komamura after the time skip, are they still friends? I feel like they are. After Komamura’s last fight Iba still came back to help him. He had loyalty!

Yamamoto and Sasakibe


Speaking of a loyal pair there is Old Man Yama and Sasakibe. Sasakibe’s death hit me hard. We didn’t even get to see his bankai! How rude. But in his life he was totally loyal to Yamamoto. They were regal and brutal and got along together amazingly well.

Yamamoto truly cared for him as a pupil and Sasakibe was willing to put his career aside to be his right hand man, loyalty.

Renji and Ikkaku

Another edition to the fun times bros. Renji is so squad 11 and I feel that even though he moved he’ll always be a part of them. He’s crazy, wild, strong and smart and he still has ties to 11.

He’s one of the only people to know about Ikkaku’s bankai and Ikkaku frequently helps Renji. They have a genuine and easy friendship and it’s always fun when they’re around.

Kenpachi and Byakuya?

These two have the potential to have a bromance. They’re competitive, confident and brutal. Byakuya enjoys the thrill of a fight even though he pretends not to. These two would be great sparring partners and could be life long friends in a different way from Shunsui and Ukitake.

Speaking of which I almost forgot about them:

Shunsui and Ukitake


These two have the longest bromance. They’ve been best friends since childhood and they have lived a long time.

They know everything about each other, they’re not as ornery as the other captains even though they’re powerful. They love to chill and they’re hilarious. They have strong principles and trust one another one hundred per cent. If you lived in the soul society I feel you’d look at them and be like “Goals”.

Even after Ukitake’s death Shunsui still goes and talks to him (his grave). Their friendship is long lasting and is my favourite one on Bleach.

There are many more I could mention. Like there’s Ichigo and Chad or Ichigo and Renji. Both of those pairs had good moments. There was also Ichigo and Uryu, they never expected to be friends and yet they became best buds. But I wanted to talk about characters other than the main ones.

That is all for now, soon there shall be a girlmance edition!

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