Love by the 10th Date – Review


This movie was both sweet and annoying.

There were many different kinds of relationships represented in the movie. It was quite refreshing to see an honest portrayal of relationships in this day and age.

Let me just talk about each relationship/story in turn. I’ll start with Keri Hilson’s character Billie.

Billie is in an open marriage and so naturally I thought her and her husband were going to be this free couple that nobody understood. Billie was free and she wasn’t really understood yes but her husband Kevin, he was not about that life. It was kind of funny but what did he expect? At the end he’s like he just wanted to be with her so he accepted the open marriage but in truth he wasn’t okay with it. I’m not so sure. A part of me believed him but another part thought, “You’re just mad because she’s having more fun than you and it’s benefiting her and not you”. One scene comes to mind, the one where they were going to have a three way but he was mad when he found out it would be him and another guy and her (also Enzo is totally a guy’s name!). He was totally fine when he thought two women would be “servicing” him but when it was the other way round he was like “hell nah”.

Henceforth this relationship ticked me off. The guy was annoying and I was probably like the other characters in the movie where I did not understand Billie. What was the point of getting married? What they were doing went against everything marriage stands for, at least marriage in my head. In England people don’t have to get married, they can be partners and it’s like having the commitment without the binding nature of marriage. Do they not have that in America cause I feel that’s what Billie and her man needed.

Then there was Nell and Freddy. Freddy was bi-sexual and Nell had a hard time dealing with it. I thought this portrayal of a relationship was realistic and refreshingly so. It was honest and it showed the real problems faced. In the end she had to accept that he wanted her and that he waned to be with her. She had to just throw her insecurities out of the window. By the end it turned out to be the cutest and most real relationship.

Kelly Rowland’s character *sigh*, I straight up did not like this saga at all. The guy was annoying! He was so full of crap. He kept sprouting nonsense and then she’d cave cause he sounded smart, girl so what? What business was her love life to him? He was there for an interview, she called him out and then he called her out. Fine, so he called you out, you don’t need to then date him. Plus why was she ashamed? I wanted her to stand up for herself and what she wanted. Like “Yes I haven’t had sex in so and so amounts of time and yes I’m in a bitter place right now and I will work on me and yes my heart was broken and yes I have standards, and what?!” Margot needed some fire and Big Stunna needed to go.

She was rigid and she needed to loosen up in life and not be so caught up in what happened in the past but she wasn’t a bad person. She worked hard and she had had her heart broken. If she needs time to heal then fine and one day when her heart is ready perhaps someone will come into her life and change it for the better. But Big Stunna… nah.

Last but not least is Megan Good and the reason I watched the movie. Love by the 10th date, it’s a good concept. It’s a hard world out there and to think you can’t even get past three these days? It’s a bit down-heartening. Watching Megan as Gaby meet these guys who were just questionable made me sad. What is with guys?

She had a lot of cute moments, with Dante mostly. Omd I just remembered where I know Dante (Brandon T Jackson) from! The Percy Jackson movies! Sorry I got sidetracked but anyway they were cute. That moment with the song The Choice is Yours by Black Sheep was so me! I love that song and I was rapping along anyway and then she started and I was like “Oh!” this is how love happens. I was all for it until he started talking about how he’s met the one for him but he’s not ready to settle down yet so he’s going to have fun but this chick is supposed to wait for him. What? What is with people these days? Please tell me, what? Then they kissed and he sulks like a baby because she doesn’t stroke his ego and come to him gushing about how magical the kiss was. Brother please, you’re just mad she moved on so quickly. And yeah I did expect her to go to him but think about, if they’re friends and she knew he didn’t want to settle down why would she go to him? The whole point of the movie is how she wants to be with someone in a long term, committed relationship. If you ain’t ready, get out and stop wasting her time!

Then there was Chris. That guy was a HOT MESS! A real hot mess. He did not know what he wanted and he was just wasting her time. I was hopeful at first but then I was like no, just no. And the way he’d be like “I’m sorry if I hurt you”. *cue stank face* What? Boy you know you hurt her, own up to it and move on! Stop wasting her damn time! Then he came with a ring at the end… was he high? Was he going through a-mid-life-nobody-cares man crisis? Idiot.

Most of this has been a rant, but I actually liked the movie apart from Margot and Big Stunna, *rolls eyes*, the stories were enjoyable and interesting to watch. I didn’t really relate with any of them except Gaby’s. Gaby I got. The rest not so much but their stories were interesting. From the way it ended I think there may be a part two, lets wait and see what hot messes there shall be.

What did you think of the film?

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