Musings: Trials of a tiny woman

So I’m small.

I’m not short but I’m slim and compared to a guy I’m short.

I don’t mind my height, I don’t want to be any taller and whilst I wanted to gain muscle and to just be healthy I have also accepted my body type.

However I saw this guy at the gym and I causally thought “Hm he’s cute,” but then I realised. He is a toned guy and he’s taller than me, he’d crush me!

This is not the first time that I have had these thoughts and I was wondering do other small women think this too? Do you ever just look at a guy and think, “How would that work?”

Plus I just don’t feel like a woman next to them. Keri Hilson in Love by the 10th Date is a woman! She could stand next to any man and feel like an amazonian whilst I feel like a child. Whilst I am Wonder Woman in spirit I’m not foolish enough to think I am Wonder Woman in body. Sometimes I stand next to a guy and I’m like “Wow, he’s a MAN and I’m a petite lady, this ain’t going to work.”

Perhaps this is just an insecurity that I need to get over but a part of me finds it funny. It’s amusing. If I was with a Dothraki warrior of a man I’d just laugh, “Like are you sure? How did this happen? How have you not crushed me in my sleep?”

Anyway I thought I’d share what’s on my crazy mind, ciao!

Ps: for a visual just think of Renji and Rukia. I love them but he makes her look tiny. I mean she is tiny but wow.


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