Bleach: Best Surprises

I’m almost done with my Bleach bonanza! Two more posts and that’s it.

Bleach is such a good manga, it gave me a lot to talk about. I would have done the same thing with Naruto but I didn’t have a blog then but OMD Naruto got deep. Anyway I’m going off topic.

This blog post is about the plot twists Kubo would throw at me. It’s said that he liked having characters who weren’t as they seemed. Having read Bleach I’d say that’s true. It teaches you not to stereotype because you literally never know how a person truly is until it’s too late, take Aizen for example. He’s a classic example. However he’s too obvious and I don’t want to talk about him so I’ll talk about my favourite plot twist characters.


Screenshot from when I was reading Bleach

I love this chick. She was not what I expected at all!

Although Kubo did leave hints here and there. Like she got people to listen to her, despite being soft spoken, with just a look. I never thought too much about it, I just thought “She’s a medic they have to be strong”, but then when her history was revealed, wow!

She was scary! How she hid her true nature I don’t know. Why did she in the first place? What made her mellow out? Was it because Kenny didn’t challenge her to a fight? Did she sneak out to have secret death battles to cure her boredom? She’s such a fascinating character I just wonder.

In fact I started to wonder about her lieutenant like is she really that sweet? I don’t think so, I’m not buying it. I bet she’s secretly a savage. She probably knew her captain was a savage. Imagine that? What was Unohana like to talk to?

Or maybe old age mellowed her, like the squad 1 guys. I mean they still fought but as a last restort when the others failed. And Unohana did seem loyal to Yamamoto, makes sense he gave her a job when she was nothing more than a criminal.

If Yoruichi didn’t exist she’d be one of my favourite female characters. Just because she’s strong and the opposite of what you’d expect. She’s a different type of female. It gets boring when they’re all the same.


This one isn’t that much of a shock.

He just seemed lazy when we first met him but having watched/read Naruto I was already suspicious. Shikamaru seemed lazy but really he was a bored genius who could take them all.

Knowing and loving Shikamaru I wondered if Shunsui would be the same and he was! In the sense that he was undoubtedly strong and smart.

He’s the best kind of strong as well. He doesn’t delight in violence and fighting, he has the trickiest zanpakuto but he manages fine. He has the best friendship with Ukitake, he’s kind and forgiving, loyal and enjoys life.

With some genius types they can go the other way pretty quickly and it gets scary, like Aizen.

So he was a nice sort of surprise.

Hyousube Ichibe

Say my name say my name! Another screenshot

When we had our first interactions with him I thought “Aw he’s so nice and helpful”. I thought that until Yhwach showed up and fought him.

I swear I was so confused I had to go back and read the chapter again.

When did he turn so dark?

I was so confused I thought Yhwach had done something to him or something. I was worried like, “Oh no are you okay?”

Then I realised he was okay, he was just murderous by nature. The nice guy had been a LIE! My days, he was dark. When I say the zanpakuto reveals a lot about ones character… wow.

The most disturbing plot twist, yes worse than Unohana. With Unohana I thought there would be something else to her so I was like “Hmm okay not what I was expecting but figures” but with this guy… this guy! I didn’t expect it at all!

It’s kind of funny looking back how surprised I was.

I think a part of me is still shocked. But he did his job. I wouldn’t want to try to get to the king with him guarding him.

Marechiyo Omaeda

He’s a classic don’t-judge-a-book-by-its-cover guy. His enemy was like I’m going to win, this guy is a coward, he’s slow as fudge and he keeps running away, pathetic.

It also didn’t help that Soi Fon didn’t rate him at all. Perhaps she does that on purpose, so people don’t suspect him.

It was kind of funny because in that fight they both misjudged each other. Being people who are constantly misjudged you’d think they wouldn’t engage in judging. I guess everyone gets cocky.

I liked this plot twist as it reminded me as a reader that not everyone is as they seem. You really do have to look deeper sometimes, beneath the layers to see the real person.

A valuable lesson to learn and to remember in life.

Anyway those were my best plot twists,

Till next time!

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