Bleach: Girlmances?

Originally I was going to end the Bleach bonanza with best surprises but then I wrote in the bromance post that I would write about the girlmances.

At first I thought, there aren’t really any girlmances. To be honest in terms of female characters they are few compared to the guys and I ended up liking the arrancar females more than the shinigami ones.

But then a girlmance came to mind,


Yes Orihime, all the girlmances that I can think of stemmed from her. She had a momentary girlmance with that doll fullbring girl. She had one with Rangiku as they had the same taste in food and got on like a house on fire.

Everyone she came into contact with ended up loving her.

Her most notable girlmance however was with Tatsuki Arisawa. They had a cute friendship. Tatsuki was smart, strong and a tomboy. Orihime was the epitome girly girl. Their opposites complimented each other. Orihime’s weakness was Tatsuki’s strength and vice versa but they never used it against each other. They didn’t get jealous and they 100% had each others backs.

I do like their friendship. I kind of wish we had more of it towards the end but like I’ve said many times, it got a bit rushed towards the end.

Another girlmance is:

Soi Fon and Yoruichi

This one is a little one sided though. Soi Fon hero worships Yoruichi and is in love with her but Yoruichi doesn’t care. She’s living her life and it feels like she doesn’t pay much attention to the fact that Soi Fon loves her.

This is a sad girlmance, when will Yoruichi notice Soi Fon? When will Soi Fon find someone who appreciates her devotion?

So there you have it, the girlmances that I can think of.

In the anime they create more, with the Shinigami Picture Book thing but I haven’t watched enough episodes to know the girlmances. I ended up reading instead of watching.

Can you think of any more?

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