When You’re Loyal

Sometimes I think I’m too loyal.

In the traditional sense I’m loyal to my friends, my family and the people who are in my circle.

However, I’m starting to learn that my loyalty spreads to other areas of my life.

Like TV shows, you may be dying, your story may be lacking but I will finish this journey to the end! I have stayed with shows I did not love anymore just out of loyalty. Take Vampire Diaries for example, that was a sinking ship (no offence to fans) but I reaaaally wanted to see Bonnie get a happy ending, and Enzo. So it’s ironic I was loyal to the loyal characters on the show.

Unfortunately they got played *side eye*.

Also Smallville (all ten seasons) and Gossip Girl (another ship that sunk) and Pretty Little Liars. *sigh* PLL I’m trying to let go, I am but it’s not working. I want to know how the story ends! Whether this is loyalty or a testament to my boundless curiousity levels I don’t know.

Next post idea: When You’re Curious As a Cat.

Moving on, books. I am loyal to authors. Once I like you and your work I will find all your books and read them. Meg Cabot, Jacqueline Wilson (when I was younger), Shelly Laurenston (romance author, her’s are my favourites) and more. Oh and Joss Stirling.

Another one music. Now I’m not so good with albums but, like with authors, once I like an artist or a group I stick to them. A good example would be BTS. I’ve written about my fav songs from them on here so you can see my obsession lol. But they’re not the only ones, One Republic I love, Nickelback I love and Wretch 32, just to name a few. I do tend to be picky but once I like you, that’s it.

I also love oldies, like the Bee Gees, I was listening to them today. I ask you can you sit still when one of their songs comes on? Cause I can’t! (Starts singing: dancing yeah!)

I’m also loyal to shops. Yes, shops.

There’s this black people hair shop in my area and another shop popped up challenging my shop. It was a bigger chain and had more stuff. But I stayed with my shop, why? Because for one they didn’t follow me around the shop. For two if I needed anything or a product, especially when I went natural, they were more than happy to help. Being loyal to a shop or a small business pays off. I share this trait with my mom. We will support you to the end. And that bigger chain had to move because they weren’t getting business.

So yeah, I’m weirdly loyal. It takes a while for me to get attached to people and things, like I said I’m picky, but once I do that’s it! I was thinking about it the other day and I thought I should write this lighthearted post.

Are you a loyal person too?

Ps: I was watching The Real and really related to Tamera, she’s the same *high five girl*

PPs: As I said in the beginning of course I’m loyal to people too. But I didn’t want to talk too much on that. I kind of wanted to be silly.

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