Let Her Know You Appreciate Her

So today was Mother’s Day, yay!

A day we pamper our mother’s to let them know that we love them.

In essence we should be doing this every day but I guess we often don’t. I feel like people get caught up in the drama of this world that they forget to let their mothers know how much they love them.

Now I understand that not everyone has such a relationship with their mother. Some have difficult relationships and some have lost their mothers and so this day can be a hard day for them. However I’m sure there are women in your life that you love. You may be a mother yourself and so to you I say pamper yourself as it’s your day. And if you’re not a mother but have a mother figure or a woman you look up to, let them know. It may just make their day.

It’s good to let the people who are important to you know that you love them.

Now everyone has a different love language. I only learnt about this recently and it was actually pretty helpful. I got to learn about myself and what I would want in a relationship. However I was thinking before mother’s day, this love language stuff is not just useful for romantic relationships but all relationships in your life.

So my love language is ‘quality time’ and my mom’s is ‘words of affirmation’. When I was younger we used to clash as she’d need words, and yet I didn’t like using words because I thought it was very easy for people to be insincere so I showed her with my actions and by shadowing her, like a duckling. But she didn’t notice and so I would get hurt like ‘she doesn’t notice that I appreciate her’. However when she started to vocalise her wants I understood so I would tell her more with my words. It helped a lot.

So learn your mom’s love language, and then you can tell her you love her in a way she understands and appreciates.

Anyway that is all,

I hope you all had a lovely day.

To my aunt’s and Grandma, Happy Mother’s Day.

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