Dancing, YEAAAH

I love the Bee Gees, I used to love them solely for their song Staying Alive, which by the way is a hopeful song. I feel like they’re in despair but they’re chugging on despite of that, they’re staying alive!

But I had no idea they also sang: You Should Be Dancing and How Deep is Your Love aaand that they were behind Grease is the Word. Did you know? Of course you did, my friend was shocked that I didn’t know. I’m honestly starting to think I just blindly listen to songs and then years later I’m like, “I wonder who sang that…?’

But seriously, they’re amazing. Their voices meld together so well and they stay in that high place effortlessly. And the beat, the music! It makes me dance, I swear I was only listening to a bit of You Should Be Dancing and already I was busting out disco moves I didn’t know I had.

Why is disco dead? It’s such a great genre of music! It’s fun, it encourages happy feelings and the dancing is cool. You have to have confidence to pull off those moves and people who do are sexaay! Have you seen John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever? He kills it!

Maybe it’s dead because it was too awesome, it would have taken over the world and we would never have been able to move on. I mean we only had it for a while and yet it’s still influential. Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong decade.

So I shall be starting my Bee Gee’s exploration, feel free to recommend any cool songs of theirs.

I recommend you check them out as well,

Tah Rah!

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