Stop Generalising Millennials!

This has been annoying me for a while.

People love to hate on millennials.

Omd, they’re not hard working, omd what have you done to the world! Omd, you’re our future?

People make great sweeping statements about us and I sit there like, “Excuse me, why are you saying all Millennials when I don’t feel this and I know people who don’t?”

One thing I saw on The Real is we won’t date someone if they have a cracked phone screen. Erm that may be someone else’s concern and it may be some Millennials concerns but come off it not all of us think that way! I for one do not. Who cares about your phone screen? What about your soul? And if I’m honest I’m broke as fudge so how can I judge you?

And then I was watching The View back when Raven was on it and before I say anything, I have no beef with Raven however I didn’t like her generalisations. One example I can think of was where they were talking about how women like it when men cook. I personally love it when a man cooks, like that is marriage material. But my girl was like nope! Acting like it was what all Millennials thought. And two other women agreed with her and they happened to be Millennials.

Am I the odd one out?

Or dating, I don’t like this new age we’re in. We swipe for love. It’s become very looks based, you’re judging someone based solely on their looks. We do this in real life too but not to this extent and at least we give people who are not out type a chance. At least I think we do.

It seems the world thinks we’re obsessed with sex and just don’t care about what they cared about in the past. This is not true. Yes, there are people getting married later in life and having fun when they are in their 20’s but I have also met people who are getting married in their 20’s. I know people who’ve met, gotten married and had kids before hitting 30. I, myself, would have loved to have gotten married in my 20’s. I have also seen older women who couldn’t care less about being monogamous.

Everyone is different, we are not defined by when we are born. It impacts us sure but it doesn’t define everything about us. That’s like saying star signs are the end all be all of our personalities.

The most damaging thing I’ve seen is that we’re not hard workers. How rude, I know a lot of very hard working Millennials. There are a number of celebrities I could cite: BTS (방탄소년단), Zendaya, Yara Shahidi, Emma Watson and Keke Palmer. I can also cite people from the natural hair world like Frogirl Ginny, only 19 and already killing the game. And there are people in my own life who are hard working and making excellent strides towards their future.

And our generation is ruining the world? Excuse me but from which generation does Donald Trump come from? Which generation believed global warming didn’t exist?

I am done with this finger pointing and generalising (I apologise for the finger pointing I did to make my point).

Can we not judge people not on when they were born but on their own merit. In fact before judging someone else look at yourself and ask do you really have the right to judge?

Just my two pence.

That is all.

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