Looking at the past…

Back in the day Nickelback’s Gotta Be Somebody was one of my favourite songs (How You Remind Me has now taken it’s spot). I really used to just feel this song. I was having a Nickelback moment recently and I was just noticing the lyrics like, “Wow, it’s so sappy!”.

But I like it, it made me think “Hmm there are guys who think this way too”. I honestly like Nickelback because they’re not afraid to put their emotions into song. I can connect to their lyrics, as it’s real, and feel what they were feeling when they wrote it.

Take a look at this part:

You can’t give up, (when you’re looking for) a diamond in the rough (cause you never know)
When it shows up, (make sure you’re holding on)
Cause it could be the one, the one you’re waiting on
Cause nobody wants to be the last one there
And everyone wants to feel like someone cares
Someone to love with my life in their hands
There’s gotta be somebody for me, oh

It’s kind of like a song of hope. Like maybe you’re just sitting there like, “I’m destined to be alone” and you’re getting depressed about it but Nickelback is like no girl, or boy, you’ve got somebody out there. That’s such a sweet sentiment.

I can’t believe I used to want this as a wedding song, you know the whole first dance thing? How would you dance to this? Oh wait, I used to want to sing it. Me and my friends had such crazy plans.

If you’ve read my recent posts you may think I’m contradicting myself but I’m not. I used to feel every lyric of this song but then when I was listening to the song I realised all that nice stuff but I also realised I don’t feel the same way anymore. I think I met the person for me and it didn’t work out. I was bothered by that but then I was like meh, that is life and I have moved on.

However just because I think this way it doesn’t mean you should. I’d rather you had Nickelback’s hope, that there’s Gotta Be Somebody.

It’s just funny how things change.

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