Best me vs Real me

Back when I was in the dating game I used to think this way. Real me is better than best me.

So I was watching The View and they were talking about which was better. They got real deep with it but I don’t think the original post was going that deep. I think the original post was talking about how when people date, on the first date they like to present themselves in the best light, they hide their crazy and then later on when they’ve reached whatever milestone they have they show their crazy and the theory is by then the guy has already fallen for you and so won’t leave when you show the crazy.

I call bull.

He may leave anyway, just be your crazy self.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m lazy but I just don’t believe in doing that. I think it may be because if I was dating I would want the guy to like me for me. I don’t care about tricking him. I just think it’s better to see warts and all from the get go.

Maybe it’s because with me I’m able to still see the good in someone even when their flaws are showing. When someone’s perfect that just creeps me out. Like really, you have no flaws? Are you sure you’re not an A.I.?

So when I was in the game I preferred to show my true self, the real me. That way they could never accuse me of tricking them or suddenly changing or hiding my crazy. My crazy was there from the beginning boo!

I also feel that way about dressing up. For the first date I’d for sure dress up but after that good luck! As for make up, what’s that? I have no idea what to do with it so that may be due to lack of skill and laziness.

Genuinely LOL-ing as I write this … perhaps it’s good I’m not in the dating game. I just saved a of bunch of guys.

So what do you think? Should you be your true self or best self?

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