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I saw the trailer when I was watching another movie and at first I didn’t understand what movie it was about but then I saw them instantly learn martial arts and I was like, “Is this Power Rangers?” and sure enough Rita Repulsa appeared confirming it. To say I got happy would be an understatement. I got hyped, mad hyped! But no one would go and see it with me because suddenly they were too good for PRs but then magically my twinnie appeared and she wanted to see PRs too. So I had a buddy, we watched the film and this is what I think.

It was good. The action was well timed, the filming was cool and Rita Repulsa was amazing!

So the filming, the beginning where we had the point of view cam as he drove, that was cool. I did worry they’d do it for all scenes but they mostly only did it for that scene and I was grateful as it made the scene unique and it really felt like we were suffering along side him.

I liked Jason, he was different. Normally football playing stars in high school are jerks (I’m speaking from what I’ve seen on TV not from personal experience) so it was nice to get a relatable guy who made a wrong choice but at the end of the day he was a good guy.

To be honest I liked all the characters. Billy was cute and funny and genuine. Zack was spontaneous and hot … hot! (Ludi Lin, hi) and Kim and Trini were cool. At first Kim didn’t interest me as I was not feeling the love pairing and I’m glad they didn’t focus on it. When we got to know more about her and saw her kick butt I liked her more. Trini was annoying at first, I have no patience for angst buuut again we got to know her and she grew on me. I liked the dynamic she had with Zack. It felt natural.

Although can I just take a moment to talk about Trini’s mom? She was hilarious! I kind of wish there had been more of her. Talk about killing a scene!

So I thought the character development was good, it built up well and as they got to know each other we got to know them so it felt like we were on the journey with them.

I also liked how they had to work for their armour. It made the final reveal more worthwhile and the training montages explained the excellence in martial arts much better than the TV shows did.

I don’t know if it’s because I was young when I watched the TV shows but I feel like I understand the PRs better having watched the movie. Their origin, why they’re always fighting aliens and the need for Megazords. Maybe I never paid close enough attention when I was a kid because all I remember thinking is, “Cool”, “So many explosions”, and “Why the megazord? Fight one on one!” So for people like me the movie helps you understand stuff, like they were protecting Earth’s crystal that’s why aliens kept coming to challenge them for a fight.

Speaking of aliens I love Rita Repulsa. This is the first movie I’ve watched with Elizabeth Banks as the villain, a pure villain. She did such a good job I didn’t recognise her for the first twenty minutes or so. She was evil and unapologetic about it, she looked good and she was badass. I liked the twist where she was the original green ranger, it made it more personal. Also finally an equal amount of boys and girls, it always used to irk me that our only options were yellow and pink … I wanted black … or a new colour purple!

I mentioned earlier that I hated the megazord formation in the cartoons. In the movie however I loved it! It was epic, and the giant robot vs gold monster fight was great!

All in all it was a good movie and it lived up to my expectations. I don’t think I have any bad points, perhaps the cheese of some moments?

If you can handle cheese, love Power Rangers and like good character based action you should check out this movie.

Four out of Five from me.

One thought on “Power Rangers Review

  1. Very interesting. I haven’t seen the remake, but I certainly grew up with the original Power Rangers. Good to know how the remake worked. I noticed how they changed the races of the Power Rangers while still being diverse. That was a smart decision when you consider how you had an African-American as the first Black Ranger and an Asian as the Yellow Ranger. They really weren’t thinking when they made those color choices, but they did switch it up with Adam and Ayesha later on.

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