Housewifing – It’s hard work

Disclaimer: Now I’m not a housewife as I am neither married nor do I have kids. However recently I’ve been cleaning, looking after the house and cooking for the fam, especially when Mom was gone for a month. This post is about my year and what I’ve discovered ‘housewifing’.

It’s hard work.

The end.

Lol. But seriously it is not easy. Doing all the chores in the house and then cooking is a lot. The house just seems to get dirty and I clean it and then mess appears elsewhere. It’s like it (the house) is plotting against me *narrows eyes*.

And cooking, y’all, I love food but when people don’t eat your food when you’ve slaved over it, it’s hurtful. But then when you don’t cook you get some serious side eye, it’s like excuse me … do you want to swap duties ’cause I’m ready!

Or you cook and then food runs out and you have to go out and buy more food and then cook again. You have to worry about everything in the house. Is the heating paid for, is there food for the week? Is there bread and milk? Do we have everything?

These seem to be relatively simple things but when all put together it turns into a job. And I don’t have kids so I don’t have the childminding aspect in my life, and I’m not married so I don’t have that aspect. Imagine if I did have those aspects in my life? My life would be hectic! My housewifing would go from saiyan to super saiyan level difficulty.

My grandma used to cook, clean, raise her eight kids, plant food, look after her husband and all from the crack of dawn. She is a legend and she should be pampered for the rest of her life.

So yeah housewives rule, they do a job, a full time job. They don’t get a rest, they can’t escape when they go home. I now understand what they mean when they say they’re free when they get to go somewhere else alone. It is liberating.

It really is true, if you want to understand someone walk a mile in their shoes. I’ve learnt the truth about waitressing, housekeeping and now I’ve learnt the truth about housewifing. What next?

Who says you only learn in the classroom.

Anyway that is all,

Tah tah for now!


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