Smallvile: Season 5 … Why Lana?

Sooo *nervous laugh*

It’s been a while since my season four review. It may have looked like I had given up and stopped buuut I never give up! When I start a series (of posts) I finish it! Henceforth I’m back with Smallville yay!

I also saw that some people were actually reading the Smallville posts so yay!

So season five, things go down this season. This is probably the turning point of the series. A lot of the decisions made in this season set the stage for everything else. Lionel, Lex, Lana and Lois, Clark and Chloe they take big steps into their future, their paths are set.

Chloe and Clark are finally able to be a team. She knows his secret and he knows she knows. It’s like when he had Pete except now it’s Chloe. Also the Kent’s know that Chloe knows, granted it takes a while but it saves the Kent’s trouble. At least they’re not the only ones protecting Clark now.

This season had most of the iconic saves or shots. Like when he stops that missile or saving Lana from the warehouse fire. There are so many scenes that are ingrained into my memory and most of them are in this season.

It’s also pretty dark. Chloe and Lois see someone straight up get run over in front of them. How did that not scar them mentally? And then when that meteor rock addict died in front of Chloe…? Seriously? It’s always been a little dark but this season I started to question why they weren’t as bothered as they should be.

They tackle what it means to be a hero. Is there too much pressure? Are they relatable? Is it even a realistic job? To be honest Clark really didn’t want it this season. He just wanted to be a ‘real boy’. The time he spent with Lana before he got his powers back, he was so free and happy. Superman may be one of the most burdened superheroes. Or maybe it’s just Clark, he takes everything so seriously, he never lets loose.

They also tackle the question of ‘is everyone worth saving?’ They come to this because of the worst human villain on the show so far, in my opinion anyway, Graham. He was so misguided. He repaid Clark by trying to kill Lex and Lana … what? He was deadly, invisible and wow. But like firemen and paramedics, you don’t choose who you save (except that one episode of Chicago Fire where he let that kid die).

Also why do they reveal Clark’s weakness to everyone? Like that should be the most heavily guarded secret. They know Graham could be a fly on the wall, they even say it in the episode, but then they still go ahead and reveal the secret! They make it too easy. This is season 5 people, you’re not new to this. I guess they just needed Clark to have a weakness and to have people use it.

Then there’s Brainiac. Oh Brainiac such a great villain. He befriends Clark, makes him paranoid with silver metereo rock (most of his dillusions come true though *side eye*), plays Lex like a fiddle, brings back Zod and plays Lex like a fiddle. I’ve said that twice but that was the best thing about him. He didn’t care at all! He wasn’t scared of Lex, Lex never beat him … I wish he’d stay just to mess with Lex. Let’s make that his new mission!

He was a great villain. And has the best character development but I’ll save that for another day. Also Jonathan totally had his number from the beginning. That man was switched on!

It’d be nice if we got one nice kryptonian, Brainiac is a kryptonian android but still. It’d be nice to have a nice kryptonian. Just once.

Yes Zod is in this, via Lex, but I still love Brainiac more. Plus Zod shines in the beginning of season six so stay tuned.

Romance? There’s Lana and Clark but their relationship died slowly and painfully this season. It was annoying to watch. It was nice that we got to see one timeline where he told her and made his own engagement ring (wow) and they were happy. But she died in that timeline so boo! She died because of Lex. Which leads me to my next point, how is he her next love interest? Does this chick not get any red flags from him? Come on!

Moving on.

I talked about it being a turning point and there’s one major thing that happens. Jonathan dies. That was so heartbreaking. I knew it was coming but it still got to me. The timing as well was unfortunate. I felt for Martha. Him dying changed Clark and Martha. It made them the people that they are later on. It’s painful but it was necessary. Clark learned that he couldn’t play God and Martha, well I guess she saw that she could survive without him (not that she wanted to but hey, trying to look for the silver lining).

All in all, Smallville paved the way for comic book shows, like The Flash and Arrow, and this season was one of it’s better seasons. A four out of five from me.

Ps: I’m also pretty mad/sad about the Sheriff dying. She was one of my favourite characters.

PPs: Martha and Lionel … ew … no! Stop it!

PPPs: I still don’t get how Lionel did it. Did they explain it? Because I watched some episodes in Spanish. Yep I’m still on my language journey.

PPPPs: I titled it why Lana because she was so annoying this whole season. She wouldn’t let Clark be like man let him have his secret!

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