Smallville Five: So much growth

Hello and welcome to my character analysis.

It’s been a while since I’ve done this. I got lazy and lost momentum but I’m determined to finish my re-watching and analysing of Smallville so here we are. Let’s catch up with the characters and see how they did. Some didn’t fare so well … yeah I’m talking to you Lex.

So Clark:

Chloe and Clark are on the same page now. Although it’s funny when he tells her he’s an alien, she had the best reaction! She thought he was just a meteor freak. It’s nice that she still accepted him even when he revealed that. Their friendship really grows this season.

In the first half or maybe quarter he loses his powers and so he’s human … ish. This is a problem because now they have to do things the normal way, boo! Who’s gonna fix the house? It’s great for Clark though, he finally gets to be a ‘real boy’ (Pinocchio? Get it?) and have sex with Lana. Have a relationship with Lana. This season makes it clear their relationship only works when Clark is human. Even if he did trust her and tell her his secret without rewriting the timeline I still don’t think it would have worked. Or maybe I’m too skeptical. Anyway I’m glad he finally lets go of her.

Also he was whiney and he really can’t fight.He relied on his powers too much and it became clear that without them, man couldn’t fight. He’s also really bad at lying and dodging questions, he makes it sooo obvious. He could have avoided the no sex thing in so many ways like, “I decided we should wait for marriage”, she may not believe it but she’d be a jerk for forcing him and so she wouldn’t and Clark would be free to wait until he had control.

He also believes everything people say to him, so trusting he is. This was highlighted when he was friends with Brainiac.

Lex and Clark are no longer friends and Lex straight up lies about his evil left, right and centre. It’s sad really. It was inevitable but it’s still sad seeing it.

Zod and the phantom zone are finally mentioned. Clark learns a lot of lessons through Brainiac, Jonathan dying and getting trapped in the phantom zone. He should really listen to Jor El. He knew Zod, Clark could have saved a bunch of people but nooo Jor El is the big bad space dad who we don’t listen to. Clark finally learns Jor El ain’t being mean to be mean, he knows what he’s talking about.

He drops out of college because of his father’s death as he’s needed to run the farm. It’s sad that his has to make that sacrifice but it’s also noble. To me at least.

Clark is becoming the hero he’ll be later on. My only wish is that he had some way to have fun and let loose and relax when not saving people. He’s so serious sometimes.


Like I said it’s fun that they’re on the same page. Chloe brings in the much needed light. The way she reacts to his powers is humourous and it humanises Clark.

She starts working at the Daily Planet! Her dreams are coming true and without the help of Lionel. It’s great to see her hard work paying off. She has wanted this since season one so to see it actually happen is rewarding.

We got to explore mental health with Chloe when she was seeing a ghost and no one believed her because of her mother. There is a stigma attached to people who are likely to have mental illness. You’d think living in a town like Smallville they’d be believe her but no, they preferred to believe that she was crazy. It was nice that she got to connect with her mother again. I wish we got to see more of her but maybe they were going for the mystery.

She got to kiss Clark when she thought Zod would kill them all and it didn’t ruin their friendship. That’s a win in my book. Chloe didn’t get any action of her own this season and that’s probably my only disappointment.


Lana’s life was exchanged for Clark’s and then exchanged for Jonathan’s. A sad circle of life they share. Who would Clark have chosen if he had known? We will never know.

It’s telling when she finally knew about Clark she knew not to trust Lex because she saw the crazy in him. I couldn’t help thinking “that was you Lana, that was you!”. And yes I know in relationships you should be honest and open up but it felt like she went about it the wrong way. Perhaps it just wasn’t their time.

This season makes me think Lana lives too much in the past. She hasn’t moved on and she hasn’t let go. It’s not healthy and she won’t be able to move forward until she does. It’s saying something when Lex is the healthy one in their relationship.

That’s another thing she grows closer to Lex this season and they eventually hook up. Question, why? Did she not see the warning signs? She is warned by so many people that when the shit hits the fan I will not be sorry. They told you girl.


He is happy on his path to darkness. His mother tried to save him but pah it didn’t work. I love that she reappears later on and is like you failed! And she was right, he does end up killing a bunch of people. I think that was his last chance. He chose evil because he thought he’d have less pain but no, on the path of evil he’ll have more pain. So much more pain.

I don’t think he can blame Lionel anymore either. He could have redeemed himself this season but he chose not to.

So really it’s just his Lana romance and his path to evil and his flawless lying we see this season. He also makes so many ill-advised decisions. Why drive when sick or drunk? It’s like he’s asking for an accident.

I did think Brainiac was crazy to give him powers but then he became Zod’s vessel and I was like “well played Brainiac, well played”.


Lois is slightly annoying this season. Her cockiness can grate on the nerves a bit. She thinks she’s the shit. And that’s cool but girl are you that oblivious? It’s the helicopter scene that did it for me. She really thinks she saved herself? That Clark did nothing? She’s badass but she’s annoyingly slow or perhaps self absorbed.

I still like her though. As her character is still growing I’ll give her a pass.

She helps out the Kent’s with the campaign and when Martha is in office. She’s truly building a bond with them and I like that. We see her potential and her talent for politics and getting answers.

They really set everything up well.

Lois is Clark’s Harley, ah the sweet foreshadowing. Which leads nicely into …


  • Junior Lifeguard Association … JLA … get it?
  • Lois and Clark match in colours. Also she looks good in blue, hint hint nudge nudge.
  • They foreshadow Clark and Lois as reporters in ‘Lexmas’ and ‘How it Starts’.
  • Clark says, “Can’t imagine loving anyone else,” and then Lois appears. Smooth.

Guest stars:

  • Brainiac: James Marsters. The guy who played Spike on Buffy! I can’t believe it took me so long to notice.
  • A.C.: Alan Ritchson
  • Cyborg: Lee Thompson Young

Explosion count approx. 8 and Car destruction count approx. 7.

Funny moment: Vampire society lures the pizza boy to his doom!

Note for later: the book Lois gives Clark on his birthday to write his thoughts in as he keeps a lot to himself. He actually uses it! And shows her but that’s for later.

That’s it for season five, watch, enjoy and I’ll see you in season six!

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