Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – Review

I watched it and I loved it!

I’m not going to make you wait to hear what I thought, it was good and it surprised me. Which is hard to do with Marvel these days.

For those of you who haven’t seen it I’ll just say – it was good, the soundtrack was banging. Each song fit the situation exactly and it didn’t feel like a carbon copy of Vol. 1. I’ve heard some people did not enjoy the songs but I did, I didn’t know all of them but that was cool for me because yay! recommendations from James Gunn.

The characters actually grew and learnt things and I felt more connected to them. They felt like a family in this movie. I felt their compassion and care for one another. Vol. 1 they were fighting all the time and then they teamed up. Vol. 2 they’re in full on family mode with some kinks that get worked out.

Of course Groot was freaking adorable! That’s a given. He’s my favourite character. And Rocket, he annoyed me because he was an idiot in the beginning but otherwise *sings* love him *sends hearts to the Galaxy*.

 And Drax was awkwardly hilarious. Him and Mantis combined was fun. I hope she’s a permanent member.

The graphics were amazing.

And you do get your questions answered about Peter’s dad.

So all in all, I definitely recommend seeing this movie.

Okay now stop reading!


The spoilers are about to begin. 

You don’t understand how mad I was when Yondu’s crew turned on him like that! They killed them! (The ones who didn’t turn) I was so sad like how cruel! I know they’re supposed to be all unfeeling but that got to me. So when Yondu got his fin back, I was sitting there like “Yas Yondu, teach them … get revenge!”. I know that wasn’t very good of me but I was hurt and mad and fully with Yondu. And they didn’t treat Groot right. Boo! (#whenyou’retooemotionallyinvested).

Also I am totally Rocket … I laughed before he did … Taserface *pffft*

I like how they sorted through issues, for example Rocket and how he pushes people away because he’s afraid of them getting close and leaving. Peter and his search for family and Gamora and her sister issues. I’m glad they sorted them out instead dragging them out.

I will say though the Gamora vs Nebula fight felt forced.  Did Ego not feel that commotion? Did he not care? It was weird and why follow her into a tunnel? I know it served the plot but that’s just illogical (hey hey inner Smock). But I’m glad they sorted out their sister issues.

Question. If Thanos plucked out Nebula’s brain what does she have instead? What did he replace it with? Nebula is a fascinating character.

Then there’s Ego, Quill’s dad. That was clever, how he’s called Ego and how he turns out in the end. We should have seen it coming. He literally was the living representation of ego. My friend saw it coming. I only saw it coming when he kept dodging questions about Peter’s mom. And he never seemed sorry. And his story about meeting that life form was short … I was like ? I’m sure there’s more and there was. Also Peter’s mom’s tumour was weird, just weird and when I saw Ego’s powers I was like aha! You gave it to her and I was right!

What a dick.

I’m glad Peter didn’t join the dark side when he saw how corrupted he was.

Even seeing all that I never thought Ego was going to be the main villain so I was surprised. I liked the surprise though and how it tied into Yondu.

*sigh* Yondu.

This movie made me cry. It was so beautiful and sad. He redeemed himself but he died. I was like nooooo! He was a favourite character too! Now who is going to kill it with a whistle and a red arrow? His surviving team member I guess (James Gunn’s brother if you didn’t know).

Also the catch scene was weird. I sat there like nuh uh something bad is about to happen. And I didn’t like the gold people. They set off the story line but I just didn’t feel them. They don’t even fight for real! Boo! Take a real risk! (Although that whole idea was creative).

So yeah it was emotional man. But I left the theatre satisfied.

Did you?

Ps: Teenage Groot! So fun!

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