Don’t stop moving!

I was having a nostalgic moment. I was feeling bands from my childhood and one of them was S Club 7. Remember them? I used to love them! I remember being so devastated when they broke up like why? Why would you do this to me? And then they had S Club 8 or Junior or something but it wasn’t the same.

Anyway listening to Don’t Stop Movin’ by S Club 7 I was struck by the lyrics and the meaning behind the song.

Music can be therapy especially when dancing is involved. But some people will refuse to dance because they can’t dance well. Who cares?! If you’re feeling the music and it’s making you want to move then just move!

The best thing for me is seeing someone enjoy themselves on the dance floor. It makes me happy and I end up wanting to join them.

Dancing from the heart can also just make your day so much better. Blasting S Club 7 and dancing out my bad day is great! I recommend doing that with songs you love.

Sometimes we worry too much about what people think and it has to stop! I love this song because they’re like feel the rhythm, dance and enjoy it cuz the DJ is on fire! I 100% agree with that message.

It’s also at times like these I’m glad I’m British. I really had fun at discos when I was a kid. These old school tracks will always get to me. Even now these songs will come on and I see fully grown adults giving in to their inner child and dancing away.

So dance, dance and have fun! No matter how silly you look because honestly it doesn’t matter.

I shall leave you with these lyrics:

Forget about your fears tonight
Listen to the heart, let it touch the sky (listen to your heart)
No need to reason why
Just listen to the sound and it makes you come alive

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