Let go and let God

As someone who is a bit of a control freak I am guilty of this.

I’m not overtly a control freak which is worse because I didn’t realise it until I started losing control of everything. It was annoying. I was used to having control of most things in my life and I was used to being independent.

I didn’t really depend on anyone but then life threw me a curve ball and it was like, “wait what’s happening?”. I was challenged and pushed to the limit and in those moments I really got to know God.

I got to know that He is always there for me. I got to see that He is always in control and He won’t break or lose control of anything. He’s strong and He’s compassionate. He was there for me holding me up when I couldn’t hold myself up.

And you know letting God take control is the best thing. You don’t have to rely on just yourself anymore. There’s someone else there encouraging you, helping you and leading you in the right direction.

In life you won’t always be able to be in control. There are going to be moments where you stumble. In moments like those God is the answer and once you let Him in you’ll see how great He is and how He’s not just there for the bad times or when you can’t figure it out but all the time.

That is all,


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