Encourage rather than discourage

People these days are so quick to point out flaws in others. Instead of looking for the good it feels like we’re just looking for the bad. It’s sad and it’s annoying.

For every bad thing there’s a good thing and these days I feel we’re not even critical of things that matter, we’re critical about every small little detail! It’s so negative I don’t like it.

So I propose that we encourage rather than discourage.

One nice thing can make someone’s day, one bad thing can ruin someone’s life. Build someone up instead of tearing them down.

Okay, if it’s a serious flaw like they’re very selfish or something then yeah point it out. But do it with the right motive, to help that person, to help them become a better version of themselves, not just for the sake of tearing them down. What good does that do?

I like it in the bible where Jesus says before worrying about a speck of sawdust in someone else’s eye worry about the log in yours (Matthew 7: 3). It’s so true, we’re so focused on others flaws we barely notice our own.

So it’s good to correct when you’re genuinely helping and have a positive outcome in mind. It is also good to encourage someone more than you discourage. You see that someone has done good work, tell them. Someone asks a question that you think is stupid, answer it! They’re asking because they genuinely don’t know.

Make a big deal out of successes, when someone falls encourage them to get back up. There are so many ways you can help a person! It doesn’t take much effort and it doesn’t cost a thing. So why don’t you try it? Don’t worry, I’ll do it as well. It feels good when you see someone encouraged and flourishing because of your words.

Anyway that is all,

I hope in life we help people more than we hinder them.

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