Black Panther Trailer

I rarely talk about trailers but I may start to. This one got me sooo excited!

Black Panther’s trailer is out!!

Now I was excited when they first mentioned this film was going to happen. I was ready to get an agent and audition because it sounded so cool! And we, black people, rarely get that many roles in super hero films, especially us black females. I remember Storm being my only choice of cosplay. No shade to Storm, I love her, but I just wished there were more characters out there.

With Black Panther we are getting our chance and I am so happy. The trailer was just filled with black people and we weren’t slaves! For once we get a comic book film where we’re the main hero.

I’m not just excited because of the cast but because of the story. It didn’t go the way that I was expecting. It looks to be interesting. He has to defend his right to the throne, we get to see his home and there’s also trouble from the outside. It’ll be interesting to see how that plays out. So I’m intrigued.

I’m also excited for the new characters and learning their story.

Two ticks, we’re on a roll.

Now the cultural appropriation question has been popping up. As an African myself I was just happy to have a film based in Africa that wasn’t a war film or a documentary or something else serious. It’s nice to be celebrated and to be seen as this technological hub. It does make sense that they borrowed from African cultures because Wakanda doesn’t exist. They were either going to borrow or make up random totally original stuff.

For me as long as it’s done tastefully and in the end credit goes where it’s due I’ll have no problem.

But to know that we have to see the movie first, so hold your horses before you judge!

It’s funny though, some are mad but as a Rwandese I’d be honoured if they featured our traditional dress. Can you imagine, umukenyero on the big screen!

Anyway that was a long way of saying, I can’t wait for the movie to come out!!


Ps: the action scenes look epic and you know I love action (already booking movie theatre ticket).

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