Childhood bands I miss

You know when you hit that nostalgia phase on YouTube? Yeah I’ve been having one of those moments. So without further ado here’s my favourite childhood bands that I miss.

S Club 7

I LOVED S Club 7. They were so cool, they sang and they had a TV show. I was so dedicated it was unreal. Their song, Reach For the Stars, was our primary school theme song. Yes, theme song, I am not exaggerating. S Club 7 and the Beetles we loved them.

Even now hearing their songs makes me want to dance, sing or cry, depending on the song.

I was so sad when they broke up. A band I knew and loved had never broken up before. I sat there blank like how? That is what Take That fans must have felt like. And then S Club Juniors popped up and they were good but it wasn’t the same.

Then they had a reunion and it was epic! Unfortunately I couldn’t go to the concerts buut I did catch them on Children in Need. Can I just say Bradley’s voice is as smooth as butter still and Tina can still bust a move, I always thought she was cool.

My favourite song of theirs: Don’t stop moving, S Club! Ain’t no party like an S Club party! and Reach.


America had NSYNC vs Backstreet Boys whilst we had Blue vs Westlife. I chose Blue. I loved Blue. They were cool, their songs were cool and yeah I just loved them.

I actually got to go to a concert of theirs at my uni. I thought I wasn’t going to be that hyped because it had been years since I had seen or listened to Blue but OMD I was so hyped! I was singing along, I caught feelings at the emotional songs, I danced … It was a good concert.

They can still sing well and dance well because Blue danced.

They were like my first boy band crush. I love that they still sing.

My favourite songs: One Love and Sorry seems to be the hardest word.

Girl’s Aloud

I remember when they were formed, I remember Sound of the Underground coming out. I grew up with them. I saw their transformation and it made me proud! Look at them, they’re all such stunning, confident women.

I loved them all but my personal favourite members were Kimberley and Nicola. I loved seeing Nicola gain confidence and love the skin that she was in, she seemed like such a positive energy. The same goes for Kimberley, she too was positive and beautiful.

They had a lot of hits most of which I enjoyed. I was also sad when they broke up but by then I was used to it.

My favourite songs by them: Sound of the Underground, Jump and more.

Atomic Kitten

I don’t remember much about them. They were one of the IT girl groups. They were sweet and I liked their songs.

They were queens of the ballad or songs that got me emotional.

I don’t know but they always seemed sweet and wholesome. I liked that. They were a chill group.

My favourite songs from them were: Whole Again and Eternal Flame.


These ladies were the queens of sexy. Their songs were on the more bold side, at least to me. There was more controversy surrounding this group as well, with member changes and rumours that they didn’t get along.

I still liked their songs, I decided as a kid to ignore the controversy, I just wanted to jam. They could sing and I liked their songs, that was enough.

My favourite song of theirs was Push the Button.

Liberty X

I’ll admit I wasn’t a fan of Liberty X not because I didn’t like them but because I didn’t really know them or get into them. But I loved their song Just a Little Bit! This song gives me such nostalgia. I remember every time I thought something was sexy I would immediately start singing “Sexy, everything about you’s so sexy!” To this day this song still pops up in my head.

I remember everything it’s weird, the song, the leather and the dancing. I wish I’d known them a bit more because they seemed like a cool group.

Anyway that’s my trip down memory lane done, who were your favourites? Do you have the same ones on your list?

Ps: I can’t believe I forgot:

Spice Girls!

The ultimate girl band! I loved them that goes without saying. I wanted to be Scary Spice and maybe Baby Spice and Sport Spice.

Wannabe is still a huge favourite along with the rest of their songs. They knew how to make a jam and then switch it up to the ballad. Ah memories.

Favourite songs: Who Do You Think You Are, Wannabe and Say You’ll Be There.

Also never realised how sexual 2 become 1 was …

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