It’s fun to be a woman

I can’t remember what I was watching but they had the song Man, I feel like a woman by Shania Twain in the background and it got me hyped.

I don’t know how many people know about my love for Shania Twain. She was one of my favourite artists growing up and I love this song.

I was listening to the song and it just reminded me how great it can be to be a woman. I think sometimes I forget. I forget that life can be fun and that joy can be found almost anywhere. I think I had forgotten the joy of being a woman and this song reminded me.

What joy you ask? It’s simple joy that’s very fulfilling. Like I enjoy getting dressed up, messing around with my hair, hanging out with fellow females otherwise known as my friends. In the song she says mostly the same thing. The fun of going out, having fun, laughing with your girlfriends. It’s so fun.

It’s even fun when you don’t go out, when you stay at home and chill watching movies. When you have the indulgent food, comfy pajamas and the comfort of having a close friend to hang out with. I love that.

Also the joy of being a woman is sometimes in just being, in accepting yourself and loving yourself for who you are. The song reminded me to love myself and to let go and just enjoy being a woman without thinking too much about it.

Thanks Shania, we all need to let go and have fun being ourselves.

That is all,


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