The nurturing does not stop

With Christianity and church we are mostly concerned with telling others who don’t know about the love of Jesus about the love of Jesus. People are very passionate about it and rightly so. If you truly believe that Jesus loves everyone and that He’s coming back to save the world why would you keep that to yourself? What if we didn’t tell anyone and Jesus came back and was like, “So you kept the truth to yourself? How selfish.” Because in essence then you’re only saving yourself if you don’t share.

Sure you should never force anyone to believe what you believe but keeping it to yourself and never talking about it is not the answer either. I believe we should talk about it and then people can make their minds up themselves to believe or not to believe.

But that’s not what this post is about. It’s about how once people choose to believe, they get bible studies, the church is very encouraging, they decide to get baptised and then they’re baptised. What happens after they are baptised?

It seems like the church is only concerned with people until they are baptised, after that they’re on their own. But that’s not right, the nurturing does not stop! That person still needs your prayer, still needs your support and still needs the fellowship and the love.

We’re too concerned with positions and the outside that we’re neglecting the inside and people who have been in the church for years are leaving. Something needs to change, you can’t only be concerned with someone before baptism, you need to be concerned with them always.

One uncle said, when someone enters his prayer list they never leave. That was a beautiful statement. You never know when someone needs prayer and by keeping them on the list you’re always looking out for them.

It’s good also to let that person know that you care, because sometimes that is all someone needs to hear, that someone cares.

So yes, the nurturing does not stop.


Ps: I’ve said this before but when someone asks a question just answer, they’re asking because they don’t know not because they want to make your life difficult.

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