As Fire Nation…

I haven’t done a musings in a while.


I never liked the fire nation before because they caused so much pain. But then I remembered that they weren’t always like that. They were led astray. The Avatar from the Fire Nation tried his best to keep the balance. It’s interesting how one person can change the course of history for an entire people. Avatar really was a great series *sigh*.

Also in season four when Zuko and Aang went to learn about fire and they learned the truth about fire, that was beautiful. Fire isn’t just destructive, it’s passionate, colourful, alive, warm and vibrant. The dragons showed them that and they showed me that.

So apparently we all have all of the elements within us however one is more prominent than the others. You should be balanced but people rarely are.

I always thought air was my prominent element and I identified with air. But then I thought about it and my core self is fire.

I definitely identify more with Zuko when I really think about it. Aang is next and then Toph. But Zuko’s drive, passion, colour and warmth, I get them, I see myself in him. I’ve also seen in him and myself how hard it is to handle that fire within you. Too much fire and you can burn someone and for people like me and Zuko we end up regretting it later (unless we’re really convicted then no lol).

Accepting that fire in me has helped me to walk forward and to embrace myself. Instead of wishing to be air or earth (no hate to water … I just never clicked with it) I’ve embraced who I am as fire.

This is something that applies to life in general, it’s better to embrace who you are instead of wishing to be something or somebody else.

That is all,


Ps: the perfect song for the fire nation Fire by BTS!!

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