God is Love

So last Sabbath we had a really good sermon.

The preacher was concise and she really illustrated her point well and I have to say I agree with what she said.

The gist of what she said is that we shouldn’t get too caught up in knowledge. In the SDA church and perhaps even other denominations people read the bible and there’s a lot of knowledge and wisdom in it right? But then they/ we get so caught up in knowing we miss the mark. We miss the fact that God is love, we miss the fact that Jesus died to save us and God sent Him so that we would be saved … why? Because He loves us.

It’s so true. Whenever I’ve felt discontent at church it’s when we’ve been so caught up in theory that there’s no love to the message. And when it’s like that it feels empty and wrong and you want to reject it.

And then you go to people who don’t believe with that same attitude, with the knowledge but without the love and they reject the message and you wonder why.

Both need to be in existence and I’m glad she came and talked about it. I hope more people realise it too. Because in this world we don’t need more knowledge, these days people know a lot, but we do need more love. And as Christians sometimes we forget that core message that God is love.

That is all,

Happy Sabbath!

Ps: I’m not saying reading the bible and learning is bad, no, but learn to balance! Don’t forget about the love!

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