Smallville Season 6 – *whispers* Phantom Zone

We finally visit the Phantom Zone! I don’t know why I enjoy the Phantom Zone so much. It’s such a great plot.

I took a while getting this out but I kept forgetting to watch Smallville. This rewatching is taking longer than it should. Season six was juicy though, I can’t believe I forgot almost half the season! I’m starting to think I didn’t watch the latter half of season six or the beginning of season seven. I think when I originally watched the show I stopped half way through six and started paying proper attention somewhere in season eight. We’ll find out.

So on with the analysis!

Spoilers are everywhere! 

Jor El was nice to Martha. You see he wasn’t such a bad guy after all. He helps her get Clark back from the Phantom Zone. Although when Clark comes back the fortress is dead so for once Clark will be getting no help from Jor El.


He learns to appreciate him and how he helped. Granted he was a pain sometimes but he wasn’t all bad. Sometimes I think they had such big problems with Jor El because of insecurity. They thought they were losing Clark to him.

Is it just me or is it weird when aliens speak English? I mean they’re in the Phantom Zone and yet everyone is speaking English. And isn’t it ironic that Zod chose Lex as his host? If that isn’t a red flag I don’t know what is. Original Zod is interesting. He’s powerful, collected and has no time for puny humans. I’m not going to lie he was entertaining.

So then this season we have two evils, the zoners who escaped when Clark left and Lex. Let’s start with the zoners. That lady in the forest, I knew she was the bad one. I mean come on she was acting weird and most of the girls who vibe with Clark are weird. It was kind of lame that she got killed by electricity. She would never have been able to conquer Earth, this place is filled with electricity. Then there were the physically strong zoners and the one who possessed Bow Wow. It was a shame he killed Rhia (if that’s how you spell her name). I mean come on let Clark have a fellow kryptonian! But alas it just wasn’t meant to be. She does however restore the fortress, thanks.

Then there’s the final zoner. His presence is announced by Shelby (where is that dog half the season? I swear that’s the only episode she appears in! She lives a free life). He was the best zoner and the most important. He messes with your mind. He almost defeated Clark but J’onn appears!

That was a nice surprise this season. I wasn’t expecting to see J’onn so soon. The Martian Manhunter *happy sigh* he’s one of my favourites. He’s kind of like Clark’s guardian in Smallville. I forgot he was a telepath. Also what was with him leaving half eaten Oreo cookies? When you eat an Oreo, you finish it!

Let’s move on to the next villain of the season, Lex.

He upped his game this season. It looked like he was doing random acts of evil but in fact it was all very well planned out. First there was 33.1 and then Lana and then Wes (wasn’t Wes kind of like Predator? With the heat vision and invisibility? I got definite Predator vibes) the result of all that experimentation. And all in the name of saving the planet? Who was Lex kidding?

All he needed was alien DNA to complete his super brainwashed soldiers. He got it from one zoner, Titan but Wes fights back and then dies. So that leads him on the path of the only remaining zoner, the one who almost beat Clark.

So then our two villains meet and the zoner comes out on top as the big bad. He takes Clark’s DNA and becomes Bizzaro Clark.

It was so weird!

The season ended up ending on another cliff hanger.

Lana is dead and Lex is being blamed although for once he didn’t do it, man was busy. Lionel was on Clark’s side all along as he had his father’s knowledge and was watching out for the phantoms and knew Lana was needed elsewhere so he blackmailed her into staying with Lex and Clark found out but then J’onn saves him from doing something he would regret. Can you believe Clark was going to kill him? *Takes a deep breath*

That was a mouthful.

I’m so sick of Clark and Lana. I know there are Clana fans and no offense but they keep dragging it out. It hasn’t been fun since season four! Why can’t he let go? Lana did chose Lex and later she finally sees he was a monster. Like boo hoo girl how many people warned you? Fine you wanted to believe in him but why is everyone acting like Lex tricked her into being with him? She may not have wanted to marry him but she entered that lion’s den by herself.

I loved the new characters this season. They introduced a lot and set up a lot for future seasons. A lot of change happens. Martha leaves the farm and goes to Washington, Lana and Lex, Lionel and J’onn. A lot of change and weirdness. People also keep secrets from Clark for once. Ha! How do you like them apples? Actually he did quite well, he does push but he also lets it go.

My favourite episode has to be episode twenty. I love film noir. It was so fun to watch and Jimmy was at the centre which was a nice change.

All in all this season was okay, not the best but not the worst.

Onto season seven!



Ps: the mind is Clark’s greatest enemy. This season also established that.

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