The Defenders Review

I’ve just finished watching The Defenders, literally just.

It took me two days and I’m glad I didn’t drag it out like I normally do. I’ve seen mixed reviews for the show and in some instances I agree and in others I don’t.

Overall I liked it. It wasn’t fantastic but it didn’t suck.



I was a little disappointed that it was only 8 episodes long. I mean that’s short even for the mini series thing Marvel has going on Netflix. I mean I expected at least 13. I think it would have been awesome if they had done that. If they had taken their time and built more story. The story was good but it needed more.

For example, I feel they could have built up The Hand more. There could have been more ninja scenes (like what happened to the ninja are they all gone? Like the true silent ones Matt can’t read).

There also needed to be more team building.

But to be honest, the story still held and the team building was not my ultimate problem. These are just improvements that they can make.

My biggest problem was that they didn’t blend the world of the Iron Fist and the real world well. It was annoying. The only time Danny fit in was when he was talking to Stick. Like come on, how long does it take for them to believe something? You see someone’s fist glow and you still scoff in their face. Get over it! He can control his chi. Like have none of them ever read Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z? Like are none of them familiar with the East and chi and all that? That annoyed me. I was done by like episode 1. And I expected more from Matt. Yes he lost Elektra but dude, like Stick said I expected him to be more open minded.

People say Danny was the problem but I think not. Yes he could improve. But they don’t fit into the show because no one but Stick takes them seriously. After episode 4 that ish should have been over. It’s only when Danny was taken did I feel that the two worlds were starting to actually mix.

As for Marvel, if you’re going to go the chi route, do better. The scoffing gets old after a while. People repeating the same thing gets old. Yes, it sounds unbelievable but so does Luke Cage and Jessica Jones and don’t they live in a world where Thor exists?

I’m sorry but really? You still question things? With Inhumans walking around?

Nah boo, do better.

I also think they need to do more with Claire. I don’t know what, but something.

I loved the development of Matt and Foggy’s relationship. I’m not going to lie out of the four shows DareDevil, DD, is my favourite. I wanted him to accept who he was and to stop making apologies. In my opinion the people in his life are wrong. Fine worry about him but if he wants to be DD let him. And work with him. I’m glad there was progress and that he started to accept himself. He didn’t need to stay behind but I’m glad he’s okay. Because if he wasn’t okay … *side eyes Marvel*.

Jessica, another favourite, she too grows. Thank goodness. I’m glad she actually starts to do what she’s good at. I’m glad she has friends. I honestly worry about her when I watch but thankfully things are looking up.

Danny felt like the youngest in mind. He still has some growing to do. He’s very innocent and his best moments were when he smiled, had humour and showed emotion. They tried to make him too serious. I get it but I liked it better when he started to relax. Honestly he was a bag of negative emotions in the beginning. I think his character is on the up. I don’t hate him as others do to be honest.

Now Luke, you know I love Luke. Can he do no wrong? He brings the humour, the heart and the common sense. Thank you Luke. I don’t think they’re going to go with the Jessica Jones and Luke Cage love story line. I think he’s going to stay with Claire. It’s a shame but alas we comic book fans don’t always get what we want.

I also wish there had been more fight scenes with cool music. We had only two and now that I think back, I would have liked more.

Anyway that’s my review. It was a start, they did alright and there is room for improvement.

I’m just excited for DareDevil now. I’m ready right now, give me more Matt. Where is he? How is he? What’s going to happen next? This chick wants to know.

Until next time,

Au Revoir!

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