God Wakes Me Up

Someone somewhere, I can’t remember where I read this, said that if you think an alarm wakes you up every day put an alarm clock next to a dead body.

When I read this I thought it was a little extreme. Like come on, an alarm clock doesn’t do nothing. I know God gives me life everyday but an alarm clock plays a part in waking me up.

But then one day, recently, I set my alarm to wake me up super early and I went to bed. I was asleep like the dead, totally knocked out. My alarm went off but I legit did not hear it and I did not register it. But then I woke up an hour later or something and it was like someone woke me up.

At first I was mad and confused, like why?! I had needed to get up that day but the alarm had had no effect. But then… God still woke me up. I looked at my phone and saw that it had indeed gone off. Because if it hadn’t it wouldn’t have gone to snooze.

So then I was like, “Wow He really woke me up today. My alarm had no effect on me but He did…”

In that moment I really remembered the power of God and who I should thank everyday when I wake up. I mean I always thank Him anyway but it really reminded me why I thank Him.

So yeah God wakes me up, everyday, and I can now understand that statement that I paraphrased above.

Have you ever had such a moment where you realised how God takes care of you? And you’re humbled by it?

Share your moments!

That is all,

Happy Sabbath!

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