Spirit of Good Will

I was watching an episode of The Cleveland Show where Cleveland pretends to be homeless so that he can receive the good charity that homeless people get showered with during the holiday season. But then as soon as Christmas was over he discovered that no one cared about the homeless anymore.

That and church got me thinking recently.

One of the best things about this holiday is the spirit of good will. How people give to the homeless, to anyone who needs it and how people think of family and helping. It brings out the good in people (mostly, I can’t speak for everyone). Even if you don’t celebrate it like me you still feel that good energy.

But what’s the point when we stop being nice after Christmas? Shouldn’t giving and charity be a consistent thing?

I’ve been thinking about that recently.

I don’t like Valentine’s Day because people use it as an excuse to only be romantic on one day. I’m starting to think people use Christmas to be kind and giving during that one season.

Homeless people are there all year round, the elderly are lonely all year round and people need good will all year round. So how about we be consistent with whatever we do and then during the season we simply amp it up?

I know there are people who do give all year round and then amp it up during the Christmas season so I’m talking to those who don’t. I’ll include myself as well. I’d like to be consistent with my good will, cheer, and with my giving. So that those who are homeless or lonely don’t have to wait for the Christmas season to be noticed.

That is all,

Have a beautiful day!

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