Songs That Touch Me

G’day, in this post I shall be talking about the songs that touch me, that get me in my feels. Shall we start? (Yes!) Okay, let’s go!

B1A4 –  길

I think I’ve talked about this song before but yeah it really touches me. All I have to hear is the beginning chords and I’m like, “Yes! My chest!” It touches my heart y’all.

And the lyrics are so beautiful! They’re about friendship and the promise of meeting again and smiling and not changing. It’s a beautiful song.

Blue – Sorry Seems to be The Hardest Word

This one is from my childhood and it hits me right in the feels. It’s not originally their song right? But I don’t care Blue made it for me.

If you want me to get sentimental on a sunny day just play this song. It’ll take me there. And the words? Yo …

*starts singing* “It’s sad (so sad) So sad (so sad) It’s a sad sad situation” (note: this is how I sing it) or “What I gotta do to make you love me? What I gotta do to make you care?”

Oh the feels! Stop Blue, stop it! Teaming up with Elton John like that. Let’s move on…

The Isaacs – Reaping in the Spirit

This may not be well known on this blog but I loooove Christian Country Gospel music, especially when Bluegrass is thrown in there.

The Isaacs are the best! The way their voices blend together so perfectly and the way they hit those notes…. it’s like they hit you in the heart. You can really feel their singing and that’s a hard thing to do. Whenever I’m in a bad place or I just want to listen to a song that will take me to a good place musically I listen to Reaping in the Spirit.

It really does touch me on a spiritual level and just lifts me higher. They’re blessed and I’m thankful they share their gift.

Hong Jin Young – Cheer Up

This one I have talked about before …. I think *doesn’t check but carries on writing*.

This one so sweet and yet heartbreaking. It really touches me. I watched the music video and then it got to me more. It’s such an uplifting song but at the same time let’s you know you’ve done well and you’re not alone, keep going you will get there one day.

I don’t know whenever I need cheering up I listen to this song. Although sometimes the feels are too strong and I avoid it.

(Korean Trot songs are the best when it comes to sentimental emotion)

f(x) – Ending Page

I love f(x) and this is one of my favourite songs by them. I guess it touches me because I can feel the emotion from them as they sing.

They all have great voices and they blend well together. They all manage to deliver on the emotion as well as the singing and that’s what makes this song great as well as others.

You can feel the sadness and loneliness as they don’t want the relationship to end, as they realise it’s coming to the end, as they grow apart. They really captured that emotion well. And yet despite that the ending to the song is so … touching? Rich? Beautifully satisfying? All of the above? Yes!

I love this song.

Frances – Don’t Worry About Me

This freaking song! I’ve deffo talked about this one before and OMD if you read that post you know it touches me. It’s such a beautiful song that gradually builds and really takes you to that place … the place of feels!

The music video also plays on my heart because I get so sad when elderly people go through such things.

The lyrics, “Don’t worry about me … I’ll do anything I can to make you comfortable, Even if I fall down, When you’re not around, Don’t worry about me, don’t worry about me…” *sigh* Frances, you’re blessed.

The lyrics just make me want to hug the person singing them and be like, “I will worry about you! Don’t fall! I’m here!” It’s that kind of song.

That’s it for today but that is not the end to songs that touch me, so look out for part two!


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