Let’s Talk About: Little Women

Disclaimer: I haven’t read the book yet so if the questions I ask are answered in the book then bare with me. When I read the book I’ll write about it on my book blog site. Plus SPOILERS ahead so if you don’t want a Rachel-Joey situation stop reading!


Okay, now that that’s out of the way let’s get to it!

So I’ve just finished the three part series on the BBC. I think it’s new and I stumbled upon it by accident and so me and my mom watched the whole thing. It was good, the cinematography was great and the acting was good. However it did get a little confusing when they were supposed to have aged. It was the same actors and actresses and they tried to make them look older but it didn’t really translate well. I was glad when Meg had her twins as then we, me and my mom, could tell quicker how much time had past. Because if you don’t pay attention to the seasons it really does just fly by and you end up like, “Wait, how old are they now?”

I also liked Jessica Fletcher in this! Yes she was the aunt on the show but she’ll always be Jessica to me. I love Murder She Wrote! It was weird seeing her play a totally different character. Like when Dick Van Dyke plays a villain, it feels like the world is upside down.

It’s a great series to watch with the family, it’s warm and real and heartfelt. I could easily connect with the characters. It was set during American Civil War times (the first part) but they really don’t talk about race relations that much, I thought that was interesting. The relationship between the sisters really was the focal point and seeing how they grew and the hardships and pleasures they went through was the highlight.

I feel like the themes were family, God, sisterhood and love.

Now to talk about characters and other little things that bugged me.


She was spoilt.

There I said it.

She burnt Jo’s work because she couldn’t go to the cinema?! She sulks when she’s sent to her Aunt’s house when they’re saving her from scarlet fever?! She quits school after being disciplined once when she knew she would get in trouble for bringing pickled limes into school … like what?

I’m sorry, I know my opinion may not be liked but I felt no sympathy for her. I can understand having bad qualities but I just can’t stand it when someone is allowed to be a brat.

On a positive note I was glad when she went to Europe. I feel that she was smarter when it came to people than Jo was. But then again some might call that manipulative but in this case, when she wins over Aunt Marge, I don’t think that was the case. She just knew how the world worked better than Jo and so she deserved to go to Europe. As honestly would Aunt Marge want to go with Jo if Jo was just going to challenge her or embarrass her the whole way? Or did Jo honestly want to go with Aunt Marge and have to do all that high society female stuff? No. I feel both got the better end of the deal.

Jo and Laurie

Jo pissed me off here. Just freaking tell him no.

And why was she upset when Laurie came back and was married to Amy? Like girl you didn’t want him, he was a brother remember? … I can’t with this chick.

She ended up hurting him by stringing him along instead of just telling him from the beginning. My philosophy is that you should just tell someone from the beginning how you feel instead of stringing them along and giving them hope when there is no hope.

Having said that Laurie didn’t know when to give up. Even when she finally did say no he was like, “Can’t you try?” and she was like no and then he sulked. To be honest I don’t think it would have been a good relationship.

It was strange how he ended up with Amy though when he said he liked women who were sensible or whatever.


She was cool and as a writer I relate to her writer side. She was tomboyish and that was fun … for a while. Then she got annoying. I’ve been reading about Little Women and I realise my point of view isn’t the popular one.

It’s just she complains about her place in society and yet shuns education. Like if you want to have the power of a man you have to be learned like a man, especially in those times. But then she looks down on it and I’m like what? And then she opens an academy for just boys… okay sis. So girls don’t deserve an education? You couldn’t teach both genders. You’re just gonna favour men?

I’m not for favouring men and I’m not for favouring women, both genders should be given the tools to succeed, is what I believe.

Then there’s the whole Laurie thing, that was drawn out.

A positive point is that she took great care of Beth and was selfless when it came to her family, providing for them. I liked that although I do wish she had taken care of herself too. I guess Marmee called it best when it came to Jo because I agreed with everything she said.


I liked Meg. I wish there was more of Meg, her character was interesting. She was gentle and a lady but there was a quiet strength to her. She was humble and sweet. I think she was my favourite sister.

I loved her romance and how it developed although her ladylike nature did get in the way a bit until Aunt Marge pushed her to confess her feelings. I’m glad she learned to assert herself. My only wish is that I wanted to get to know her better.


I really think I need to read the book to understand Beth. Why was she so quiet in the beginning. Was she just an introvert? Why was it so hard for her to go and play the piano? I didn’t understand that.

Then she got scarlet fever and I was so sad. I thought she’d die then, because I’ve watched Friends and Rachel has already spoilt that for me, but she didn’t. She lived on but she was weak. It was just so sad. She never got to really live. Life back then was hard and that was shown through Beth.

Having said that she was full of love and warmth radiated from her. Despite the hand life dealt her she was still so positive. For those qualities I liked her.


The matriarch of the March family. She was so cool and motherly. She dished out wisdom, her kids could talk to her about anything and her relationship with her husband was cute and realistic. She was the heart of the family and in the series you really felt that.

I also love the emotion she showed. When Beth tells her she’s dying or when talking to Jo about her temper. We really got to know the mom on a personal level and I liked that.

So that’s what I thought of Little Women, what did you think?

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