Because this is my first life – Next level honesty

So I haven’t watched many KDramas (Korean Dramas). I’ve watched the Reply series (Reply 1997, Reply 1988 and Reply 1994– I watched them in that order) and Hi School Love On. Out of the ones I’ve watched so far I’ve loved Reply 1997 and 1988 the most. But this KDrama … this one! It was sooo good! I think it crept on to my top three.

I stumbled upon it by accident when I was watching a Hallyu Back video of the Top 10 KDrama kisses in 2017. (Long story: I was talking to a friend and she was telling me how KDrama kisses have changed and thus I searched it up on YT). Hallyu Back had a lot of good KDramas on the list but the one I liked the most and wanted to watch right away was Because this is my first life. It was so intriguing, why was it their first kiss after marriage? Why did they get married? Plus it was only 16 episodes long and I was like “Yes! A short drama!”

So what did I think about it overall?

It was a good drama. It was honest and fresh. They tackled issues like sexual assault and sexual harassment. They showed different kinds of women and different kinds of relationships and the realities of them. The writers trolled the viewers a lot with unexpected turns. There was also a variety of male characters and a variety of personalities. It was fun to watch as it felt like a genuine human story.

I liked how they kept it true to modern South Korea. They showed how the traditional mixes with the modern and the stigmas that still exist in their society. It made the drama interesting as well as being entertaining.

There was a good mixture of comedy and drama. Towards the end it really started to get emotional and I’m telling you I cried twice watching the drama. I couldn’t help but relate to the characters! Although one time I think I cried out of happiness.

I also loved the actors, the main and the supporting. They were so funny! Did you know that Bomi is in this KDrama? She killed it! And Lee Minki, he was soo good and soo cute. He managed to portray the serious Se Hee very well, conveying his emotions in micro expressions … I don’t know about you but that’s hard to do. Jung So-min was also good as Ji Ho. She was a bit of a dual character, very modest and shy but then she’d have moments where she was really confident and bubbly. ESom portrayed my favourite supporting character Su Ji who I related to the most honestly. And then there was the hilarious Ma Sang-goo played by Park Byung-eun, he brought the light to the drama. Last but not least Kim Min-seok and Kim Ga-eun brought the cuteness playing Won-seok and Ho-rang.

This drama also provided friendship goals. Ji Ho’s friends, Su Ji and Ho-rang for example, they gave me life and you really saw Ji Ho’s true personality when she was with them. They genuinely cared for one another and looked after one another. There was no jealousy or misunderstandings between them, they trusted each other and talked to each other. I am glad they gave a positive portrayal of female friendship.

If you’re looking for something new and unexpected check out this drama, it’s a good’un.

I give it a four out of five.


Ps: I shall be writing about the episodes for those who have watched it and would like to talk about it or hear what someone else thought.

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