Because this is my life – Great Character Development

What I loved the most about the KDrama was the character development. So I shall talk about the characters and how they developed and other things. Needless to say, there shall be SPOILERS!

Ji Ho  grew from not being able to stand up for herself to taking on the world and the creep who attempted to rape her. I was so glad when they filed that lawsuit against him, as he was her boss. She also fell in love and learned what that felt like, that was a joy to behold. She learned how to be true to her feelings.

They emphasis that Ji Ho has been single since birth. She lasted until she was 30 without kissing anyone or having sex. She was probably able to do that because she was looking for love rather than just to experience things. Ji Ho is her own person and she falls in love in her own way with Se Hee. That was something I liked, how sexually shy Ji Ho starts to want Se Hee.

Side bar: They weren’t shy to talk about sex and sexual desire. For me that was new in a KDrama, especially in relation to women.

Su Ji, Ji Ho’s friend. She was strong, independent and determined. She represented the modern woman, not afraid of her sexuality and not afraid to express herself. When her friends were quite traditionalist she provided another point of view. When her friends got caught up in their heads or needed to be called out she did that. She was one of my favourite characters.

As the series progressed though I found out more about her and the more I found out the more I thought, “She’s like a crab, hard on the outside and soft on the inside”. She had her battle scars, she was constantly fighting the world and so she had on this armour. She looked after her mom and sacrificed her own happiness for it. Ma Sang-goo though called her out, told her to stop running and to face the world. Her mom also called her out, it was such a heartfelt moment.

I loved that she listened to them and quit that awful company and punched her boss in the face! I honestly thought she was going to do worse but the punch was enough. He was awful I don’t know how she endured such sexual harassment for so long urgh!

I’m so glad Sang-goo was good to her.

She was a great friend from the beginning and she remained so till the end.

Ho-rang, she was cute and kind of annoyed me. I’m not into cute. But she was a good friend and a great support system. She did have a lot of insecurities though, so for me her growth was in her accepting her insecurities and changing and becoming stronger.

Losing her boyfriend of seven years really kicked her into shape. It kicked them both into shape really. They weren’t being honest with themselves and she was still playing games. They needed that wake up call to tell them to change their ways and to show them that they did indeed want to be with each other.

Honestly though I’m surprised they got back together. I’m glad but surprised.

She also represented another type of woman, a woman who doesn’t mind being a housewife and actually wants to be. There isn’t anything wrong with that at all. I’m glad they included such a woman as they exist.

Bomi, her character was kind of similar to Se Hee’s so I thought they might hit it off at one point but no they stayed just friends. That was different. But yeah she was like him, quite logical and frank, but she was more peculiar than Se Hee. Her confidence though, she was comfortable in her body and in everything she did. She was a great character.

Cat/Our: He was cute in the beginning and stayed cute to the end. The furry link between Ji Ho and Se Hee at one point. He worked hard… he was a he right? … I can’t remember.

Ma Sang-goo, CEO and friend to Se Hee, their relationship was interesting. I honestly thought he was going to sack Se Hee until I realised they were friends. He was cute in a non annoying way. He was just so dang bubbly I couldn’t get annoyed.

That dancing in the park scene like what!

I love how he wasn’t afraid to express his emotions or to stand up for others. He learnt from his mistakes and honestly was such a cool person. His relationship advice could suck but then he also had moments where he gave golden advice.

He had the least problems in the drama, although honestly he didn’t have his own storyline. But it was okay as we still got to know and love him.

Won-seok, some viewers did not like him. I thought he was okay. His relationship with Ho-rang did annoy me at times as I wished they’d simply talk to each other but in the end, like I said above, they both grew and learned through their break up.

He also got some direction in his life in the end. It’s sad he had to give up his dream but at least he got a job at a company that was in line with what he liked. I mean it wasn’t a step down.

He also had cute, aegyo, moments, mainly when he was with Ho-rang. I’m not about that life, I’m sorry.

Last but not least Se Hee! He was mathematical, logical and quirky and I liked it. He gave valuable information! Am I the only one who listens when people nerd out? You learn so much!

As the drama progressed however I saw that he wasn’t as monotone as I thought. He had micro expressions and the more I watched the more I picked up on them. It made him so interesting.

He had the most growth in the drama. He was closed off from the world because of his ex but through Ji Ho he was able to open up and become the man he once was. It was heartwarming to see honestly.

I also liked how progressive he was. Honestly Se Hee and Sang-goo were great! They were loyal. Se Hee stood up for Ji Ho in many ways and made sure she never lost her independence. He cared despite his robotic mannerisms, even when his heart was closed. He was fair and rational. I don’t know he may be my favourite male lead in a KDrama so far.

Having said that I was disappointed in the patriarchal husbands, especially Ji Ho’s father. They tried to redeem him through her mother in the end but I was like, “Whatever, not going to happen!” They never tackled their home life problems, the mom just told us a story about how he was different before but then he changed  but then he still had his charm bla bla blaaah! Se Hee’s father also had problems but strangely I didn’t dislike him. At least he changed, softened … somewhat. Se Hee’s mother though she was so manipulative! I trusted her with Ji Ho but Ji Ho’s mother was right, they were just trying to make her into an obedient housewife boo!

I like how Ji Ho’s brother grew when she moved out and in time for his baby, about time hombre!

The stalker storyline was fun but at the same time boo! Why is it always millennials who are painted that way? I mean, he was just urgh. I know he was cute but he annoyed me. It was weird how he was my fellow 90’s baby and yet I related more to Su Ji or Ji Ho.

What I don’t understand is the last two episodes. Did Ji Ho leave him to get a reaction out of him? Or did she leave him because she honestly thought it was over but then realised she loved him and he did too and it could work and then came back?

If anyone knows, comment below.

That’s it for my character development talk.

Who was your favourite character? What storyline got to you the most? What was the funniest moment for you?

4 thoughts on “Because this is my life – Great Character Development

  1. Hi! I liked your post. I think she left him more to get a reaction. Like when she spoke to ceo ma she was talking about how she wanted to see his room nineteen. I think she just wanted more from the relationship and wanted him to know the lengths she was willing to go to in order to reach her goal of having love.
    Also the cat was a boy. Cuz she was the Noona and he was the Hyung. Which means the Woori was a boy kitty.
    I can’t pick a favorite character cuz I loved them all so much.

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    1. Wow, so she did it for a reaction! I mean it worked but wow she was brave. It could have backfired.
      Ooh thank you, so he was a he.
      Thank you for answering my question!
      Yeah they are all good characters and there may be a second season I heard so yay!

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